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Select blond tones relying on the pores and skin shade – useful ideas

Blondes after the skin color

Do you have the desire to dye your hair blonde? Wonderful, but do you know which is the right shade for you? Because blondes are varied and sometimes it can be really difficult to make the best choice. That’s why we’ll give you some useful tips below on how to choose the perfect shade from the wide range of blonde shades that would suit you best, depending on your skin color. Enjoy reading!

Dye blonde hair – determine the skin tone

blond hair different nuances

blonde hair colors find the best nuance for the skin tone

light blonde hair Reese Witherspoon

cool hair colors Eisblond

Blondes 2016 Honey Blond Miley Cyris

Blondes 2016 three nuances

cool hair color platinum blonde Emma Stone

Whether you want to freshen up your hair color or desire a complete change from dark to light, we’ll give you the best tips to help you match the color that best suits your complexion! Because, as mentioned above, the blondes are different from each other and not every nuance would suit you well – with a warm skin color, it is not recommended, for example, to opt for a cool Eisblond or Erdbeereblond. In principle, if you choose a new hair color, it is important in the first place to know your own skin tone well. You can quickly and easily determine this yourself – comb your hair backwards and tie them into a ponytail so that they do not fall into your face. Put a white cloth over your shoulders and around your neck and watch your face in the mirror – if your skin looks a bit yellowish, you have a warm complexion; But if it looks more blue-blooded, it’s about a cool skin tone. Now you know what hair color you have – it’s just the nuance that works best!

The best blond hair colors with a pale face and warm skin color

cool hair colors platinum blonde

blond hair colors champagne blonde

Blondes 2016 platinum blonde

light blonde hair natural look

cool hair color Ice Blond Jennifer Lawrence

Are you pale with a warm complexion? Women with such complexions, such as Taylor Swift, have a huge choice because they are good at almost all blondes – from wheat and sandy blond to strawberry and champagne blond. However, we can recommend the Nuance Platinum Blonde – it will best bring out your facial features and neutralize possible redness of the skin. Sandblond is also a good choice – for example, Scarlett Johansson wears such a shade. To make your hair look more natural, you could dye your hair dark blond in advance, and apply the chosen shade only on the hair length and tips.

Blondes for women with a pale face and a cool complexion

Hair blond strawberry blonde Nicole Kidman

blond hair colors golden blond

Blond tones ash blond balayage

Blondes 2016 Strawberry Blond

If you’re pale with a cool complexion, it’s best to opt for strawberry blond. This nuance – the golden as well as the reddish version – looks really attractive and creates a pleasant contrast with the cool skin tone. However, if your face looks a bit rosy, choose platinum or ash blond.

Beige Blond – the best choice for medium skin tone with a warm undertone

blond hair Eisblond Rita Ora

light blonde hair Nuance Sandblond

blond hair colors Butterblond Kate Winslet

blond hair trendy nuances wheat blond

Hair colors Nuance beige blond

For women with a medium, beige complexion with a warm undertone, sandy or wheat blond are the best nuances – as for example at Sofia Vergara. Shades like honey or butter blond are also suitable, and would give you a particularly delicate look. If you have green eyes and a tanned complexion, you should definitely try blond beige – this combination looks stunningly beautiful!

Hair blond dye in medium skin tone with a cool undertone

Beige blond hair color Blake Lively

blond hair colors golden blond

blond hair nuance honey blond

blonde hair beige blonde

If you have a medium complexion with a cool undertone, such as Blake Lively, you should opt for a warm blonde that will be a nice contrast with the skin. If you have blue eyes, try the Nuance Champagnerblond – you will certainly be satisfied with the result! The only exception is platinum blonde – this shade would give you a too strict look, so you better abstain from it.

Blondes on a bit darker skin

Blondes 2016 Trends Ciara

blond hair dark skin Beyonce

Hair blond Nuance caramel blond

Hair blond Rihanna

For women with slightly darker or slightly tanned skin with a warm undertone – such as Jennifer Lopez and Ciara – warm, saturated blondes that blend in with the complexion are the best choice. These include, for example, golden blond, honey and amber. The women with such a skin tone is also the Balayage style just great.

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