Scandinavian life-style - easy stylish from the north
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Scandinavian life-style – easy stylish from the north

Scandinavian lifestyle-simple and cozy

Bright colors, minimalist forms and a lot of cosiness, so the Scandinavian lifestyle can be described in a few words. Light is also something that belongs to the Scandinavian lifestyle. Light sources and candles are very desirable in the long dark winter times in every house. Bright wall colors and furniture also create a brighter atmosphere in the rooms. Scandinavian furniture is simple, modern and timeless, so they can fit in any apartment. Bright colors or natural wood, which are perfectly combined with each other, also belong to the Scandinavian style of living and fit in every room. The Scandinavian lifestyle is a trend and everyone wants to experience something, because according to statistics, the Swedes are the happiest people in the world. Maybe that also applies to all Scandinavian countries.

Scandinavian lifestyle – bright, modern and cozy

White and minimalist - typical Scandinavian lifestyle

In Germany, even throughout Europe, the scyndinavian lifestyle is very popular in the interior. Simple, modern and practical, this style of furnishing matches the everyday life of every city dweller. The combinations with natural wood, cuddly fur or wool are a very real connection to nature, which you can experience at home and also provide these materials for extra comfort in your own home.

Scandinavian lifestyle – less is more

less is more

A lot of white works against the darkness in the Scandinavian institution, because winter is long and dark there. That’s why the lighting in the house should be right. Lamps and candles make for a harmonious and cozy atmosphere in every living room , Pendant lights from the ceiling or floor lamps provide warm light and illuminate the Rooms with cozy light ,

Connection to nature for extra cosiness

Connection to nature - very important

Scandinavian nature is characterized by rivers, fjords, lakes and forests. The white in combination with wood looks calm and uncomplicated. Wood-paneled walls also give an extra touch of warmth and security. Scandinavian furniture and accessories combine natural patterns and motifs to enhance the connection to trees, animals and rivers, creating wonderful contrasts on a bright background.

White with wood - the perfect combination

Simple chic with color accents

Simple and natural

Natural design from the north

Scandinavian fashion

Colorful details make beautiful contrasts Bright colors counteract the darkness

Elegant and Scandinavian Natural wood brings more heat in the room

Intercept light rays

Scandinavian vintage

Candlestick designer art piece

Minimalist candleholder

handmade interior for children's room

Scandinavian cuisine

Scandinavian fashion - simple and stylish

Fashion from Scandinavia

Bedroom Scandinavian and modern

Scandinavian motifs moose

Dimmer lights and cuddly soft matter

Wood warms up

Scandinavian lifestyle

Wind lights Scandinavian

beautiful accents create dynamics in the room

Apartment in Scandinavian style

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