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Scandinavian furnishings – 45 fashionable and trendy inside design concepts

Scandinavian furniture living room original carpet gray upholstered sofa interesting photos and pictures on the wall

The simple elegance of the Scandinavian interior is currently very much in vogue. It is not only functional and comfortable, but also – with its clean lines and Koturen, the interior optically enhance. If you are interested in modern interior design, read this article! Here you will find more information about Scandinavian furniture and its characteristic features, as well as a few helpful tips on how to skillfully combine them. Be inspired and in the end you might become a real fan of the Scandinavian interior design style!

Scandinavian furniture exudes simple elegance

Scandinavian furniture Living room in black and white accents in yellow

Scandinavian furniture living room original armchair

Scandinavian furniture living room puristic neutral color scheme

Scandinavian furniture living room orange accents

Scandinavian furniture bedroom neutral color scheme

Scandinavian furniture original lamp made of stainless steel wall covering wood interesting armchair

Scandinavian furniture toilet in white

Scandinavian furniture original armchair made of solid wood

Scandinavian furniture Living room in white gray accents

Scandinavian furniture kitchen modern look

Scandinavian furniture living room original carpet stripes soft pillow neutral color scheme

Scandinavian furniture living room rocking chair dark gray upholstered sofa

Scandinavian furniture living room two brown sofa beds open shelving interesting lamp in stainless steel

Scandinavian furniture splendid living room in white

Scandinavian furniture from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland can certainly bring a fresh touch to your home. As mentioned above, they are distinguished by their simplicity and functionality, but also by their typical color scheme and straightforward design, which makes them both elegant and attractive. Typical for the Scandinavian decor are the neutral and warm nuances, as well as the geometric shapes that are enjoying great popularity today and perfectly combine with the modern minimalist design. With this kind of furniture, the golden rule is “less is more” – at first glance it may look too austere, but it simply fits your needs perfectly and guarantees all the comfort you need without the room being overcrowded with furniture.

Characteristic features of the Scandinavian interior design style

Scandinavian furniture bedroom puristic decor accent wall in beige

Scandinavian furniture splendid upholstered sofa in light yellow open shelving system

Scandinavian furniture comfortable armchair in beige extravagant photos on the wall

Scandinavian furniture interesting shelving system as an accent in the interior

Scandinavian furniture sideboard with drawers solid wood

Scandinavian furniture living room neutral color scheme original decorations

Scandinavian furniture Bedroom wardrobe made of oak wood as an accent in the interior

Scandinavian furniture bedroom in white and gray

Scandinavian furniture soft upholstered sofa in gray and original solid wood chair

Scandinavian furniture upholstered wooden frame

Try to imagine a Scandinavian-style living room: comfortable and stylish gray upholstered furniture, an elegant coffee table – either solid wood or with a glass top and metal legs, accentuated by one or two yellow chairs, a soft geometric patterned rug, and a few beautiful ones Images as a wall decoration that emphasize the elegant look of the interior. Did you like this picture? The photos in this post can make your ideas much more accurate, so you fall in love with the simple elegance of Scandinavian furniture. Of course it is not obligatory that the whole decor is decided in the Scandinavian style – with skillfully set accents you can also achieve a very attractive and interesting effect. Just let your imagination run wild and the result can exceed all your expectations!

The decorations are also important

scandinavian furniture living room gray sofa rug with geometric motifs coffee table in solid wood

Scandinavian furniture modern kitchen in white

Scandinavian furniture kitchen neutral color scheme

Scandinavian furniture creative interior design ideas

Scandinavian furniture kitchen in white modern look

Scandinavian furniture neutral color design modern interior design ideas

Scandinavian furniture wood comfortable sitting area in the living room

Scandinavian furniture comfortable sofa brown leather upholstery coffee table in solid wood

Scandinavian furniture dining puristic look

Scandinavian furniture original Armsesssel fireplace colored Bils as an accent

Scandinavian furniture is usually made of solid wood, which can create a cozy ambience in any room. The decorative elements made of glass or stainless steel – for example, as table legs or handles of drawers, are also very chic and bring an urban flair with it. The Scandinavian decor is rather puristic, but that does not mean that you should completely abandon decorations. The large vintage style lamp on the coffee table or the cuddly cushions on the sofa can give the interior a welcoming and charming effect. Therefore, if you want to set up a Scandinavian style room, pay attention to the small details!

Useful setup tips

Scandinavian furniture white upholstered sofa open wooden shelving system

Scandinavian furniture study green accents

Scandinavian furniture gray upholstered sofa table metal photos

Scandinavian furniture hall in Scandinavian style puristic look

Scandinavian furniture shower cubicle white tiles

Scandinavian furniture original sofa cream and black

Scandinavian furniture Soft upholstered sofa in chocolate brown Original lamp made of precious steel Coffee table made of old suitcase

Scandinavian furniture living room creative interior design ideas

Scandinavian furniture armchair light blue upholstery white table wood floor

Scandinavian furniture comfortable armchair with leather upholstery

Since winter is long and dark in the north, the light plays a very important role in the Scandinavian style of furnishing. For this reason, the Scandinavian design is based on the neutral color scheme, which is also a perfect background for modern furniture. The walls are usually painted in different shades of white, because in this way the room seems bigger and brighter. Furthermore, it is very important to skillfully put the furniture in the scene: for the living room you can buy, for example, two sofas in chocolate brown, which together with an elegant coffee table form a comfortable seating area. For example, the carpet may be a nuace lighter than the sofas, and an open stainless steel industrial shelving system will copy the interior. Traditionally, the Scandinavian cuisine is completely decorated in white. The modern kitchen equipment and cabinets with stainless steel handles do not leave the room boring, but look really elegant. And when it comes to decorating the bedroom – it is usually decided in black and white. A solid oak wardrobe can give the room a cozy look.

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