Scale back stress: 20 free coloring photos for adults
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Scale back stress: 20 free coloring photos for adults

There is a child in every adult. And this kid loves coloring! On the run from the stress of everyday life, are you looking for the best activity to relax? Then the coloring of pictures is just for you! Adult coloring books have become a trend in recent years and are so popular that these books are quickly sold out. But you do not need to buy such coloring books. We have selected for you the best pictures for coloring free of charge for expression. Just press the selected template, the phone away, pens out and paint – in a minute you will forget the tiring everyday!

Advantages of coloring

Print pictures for coloring for free

The coloring is a real balm for the stressed people. And not only for those who have a busy everyday life. When you paint pictures, you increase your concentration and creativity. Your soul calms down through the focus. And this activity is not only for stressed mother at home. But. Many successful people say they paint pictures during boring conferences and meetings. You may also have heard that perfectionists can not relax easily. Yoga or proper breathing does not help, but coloring helps!

Mandala free coloring book: A journey to the inner world

Mandala pictures for coloring have personal meaning

Painting Mandala is much more than painting a beautiful picture, it is an art, a journey into your own inner world, your desires and self-assertion. Mandalas no longer have any religious significance but are an activity for relaxation. As you recover by painting, you will still focus and increase your creativity. How you shape the mandala depends on what’s in your head and what’s on your heart. Mandala coloring is also a therapy for hyperactive children. If you have such a child at home, using the mandala it will keep you focused for up to 50 minutes. The mandala is best painted with pencils from the outside in, ie to the center.

Coloring pictures: Treat yourself to a break!

Benefits of coloring pictures for free

When painting the pictures, it’s not about the picture becoming a masterpiece, or necessarily finished or perfect. No. The result is not important. It’s more about the activity itself, the painting, the time you treat yourself. Therefore, do not be distracted, leave the TV and Facebook away and let yourself relax! In our picture gallery you will find pictures for coloring free, which you can simply express. Enjoy your time!

Templates for expressing

Free coloring pictures for adults

Aquarium coloring pictures for free

Express pictures for coloring for free

Build the stress with pictures for coloring off for free

Free coloring pictures, inspired by movies

Relax with my coloring pictures for free

Pictures for coloring free with higher difficulty

Coloring pictures is interesting not only for children

Free coloring pictures for a nice home decoration

Mandala coloring pictures for free
Mandala coloring pictures for free - low difficulty

Mandala free coloring pictures for those who love piano

Free coloring pictures for those who still feel princesses

Coloring sheet for free - Bring the big city home
Free coloring pictures for every feeling Skull coloring pictures for free

Flowers coloring pictures for free Flowers coloring pictures for free as in childhood

Coloring pictures for free - Wake the child in

Free coloring pictures - Frozen is not just a favorite of children

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