Rising trellises - nice concept for the small backyard
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Rising trellises – nice concept for the small backyard

Trellis fruit grow creative ideas of small garden

Do you have a small garden and no room for fruit trees? Then Spalierobst is the ideal solution for you! This allows you to grow almost any fruit easily by adjusting the height of facades and garden walls use – in this way you also get a beautiful vertical garden! To learn more about the topic, read on!

Fruit cultivation with a difference

Wooden trellis house wall fruit grow

Grow fruit trellis wooden lattice

Trellis garden fence fruit tree original look

Fruit tree garden fence gorgeous look

Growing trellis fruits House facade

Fruit tree trellis garden gorgeous look

Growing trellis fruit gardening

Fruits grow Matall double-U shape

Apple tree trellis creative ideas gardening

Growing trellis fruit Garden wall

S-trellis fruit grow creative ideas

triangular trellis wood

original plastic trellis

Trellis on the house facade fruit tree creative ideas

Trellis brick wall pears grow

If gardening is your hobby, it will not be difficult for you to create trellis yourself. In this post you will find detailed instructions and practical tips that may be of use to you. In addition, we would like to introduce you to a few varieties that are perfect for this type of fruit growing. But if you do not have much experience in the garden, you need help – the task is not for beginners, as it requires some specialist knowledge. The first thing you should do is buy a matching trellis from the specialized gardening supplies store – its size and type will depend on what type of fruit you would like to grow and where the trellis should be attached – on a wall, wall or fence. It would be best to consult with a specialist in order to make no mistake in the election! If you like to master, you can also make a trellis yourself by attaching tensioned steel wires to the wall or wall you choose. It is important that the trellis is not attached directly to the wall – you should leave a gap so that the tree can grow undisturbed. For the trellis fruit you should choose a sunny place in the garden – this is a wonderful prerequisite for the plants to thrive optimally.

Create trellises in the garden – instructions and useful tips

Wooden trellis peach tree garden

Trellis fruit peach tree ideas and inspirations

Garden trellis of steel wire privacy

high apple tree trellis garden fence

Growing trellises in the small garden

Growing trellis fruit apple tree double U-trellis

Trellis fruit grow kiwi exotic

Trellis apple tree

For the cultivation of trellises in the garden you need – apart from the trellis, a fruit tree of your choice and fixing tape – preferably made of PVC. First, the tree is planted and the strongest branches are attached to the bottom wire. The regrowing branches can guide you around the trellis as you wish. In this way you can make an interesting shape – for example, an elegant U-trellis. The older the tree gets, the more important it is to find the right time to bend the shoots – the younger ones are much easier to bend, compared to the older branches that can sometimes break – so they should be very attentive! The regular cutting is also of great importance for the trellis fruit. In principle, the branches should be cut if they are too long. The spikes of the older ones can be cut back on a down-facing bud, while the younger branches are cut just a little if necessary. The side shoots let you – depending on your personal preferences, radically shorten.

Choose the right kind of fruit

Growing grapes in the garden Trellis

Grapevine trellis garden design ideas

Growing trellis fruit grapevine

Trellis fruit Apricots wonderful look

Growing trellis fruit apricots

Trellis fruit grow apple tree

Pears grow trellis garden

Trellis fruit grow pears

Trellis fruit grow blackberries

Trellis fruit blackberries ideas and inspirations

Trellis fruits in the small garden grow blackberries

Trellis fruit in the small garden grow kiwi

Trellis in the garden Kiwi tree original ideas

Trellis fruit peaches creative ideas garden

Grow trellis fruit sour cherry

Trellis fruit sour cherry garden design ideas

And what are the fruits that are suitable for this kind of fruit growing? The answer is almost all, but in this post we offer you some great variations. The grapevine, for example, can be grown very easily as a trellis fruit in the garden. But you should take into account that the plant is very dependent on care – it needs a lot of solar heat, wind protection, regular cutting and spraying with chemicals at least twice a year. In comparison, the pear is much easier to maintain, and if you have chosen a sunny spot in the garden, you can also cultivate delicious southern varieties. The apples are also suitable for this purpose – but this does not apply to all varieties and the professional advice is recommended in this case. A great choice is also the Pfiersiche – they are not demanding, but need as much sun as possible – so choose a southern or southwestern wall. Apricots are a good alternative – they are less prone to disease, but it is important that they get enough water and solar heat. Sour cherry, kiwi and blackberry as a climber are also a good choice.

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