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Rest room design with glass

Glass as a modern material is increasingly used in interior design, especially in bathroom design. Since glass is one of the most fragile materials, many people are reluctant to bring it to their homes. Either for this reason, or because of the feeling that the drops of water remain on the glass, prejudices arise that are already not true. Nowadays the glass with its properties guarantees a high functionality and the products made of this material do not retain water on their surface and their maintenance is very simple. So there is no need to worry!

The glass in the bathroom design looks beautiful

bathroom design and wall decoration

Glass gives the bath a very clean and elegant look, and it has also become a very popular material in recent years.
The glass in the bathroom worries most people with the fear that the material is easily fragile. In some cases it can happen, but it is highly unlikely. The glass objects are indeed made of safety glass breakage and are more robust in comparison with other materials, eg. As ceramics, plastics. The fear of waterdrop licking is illogical, because the glass surface is protected by a special invisible barrier layer deposition, which also allows easy cleaning.

The glass walls in the bathroom design are easy to clean

beautiful glass wall in bathroom design

Glass sink, batteries and furniture
There are numerous ways to integrate glass objects into the bathroom. For example, a powerful vortex of water is made of crystal glass and it is beautiful to feel the element of water as intense as never before. Some manufacturers also use glass in combination with LEDs, which naturally reveal the glass battery nicely.
Glass can also be bathroom furniture. For example, glass can be combined with specially treated wood – from simple shelves to smaller tables and storage boxes. Normally, frosted or sandblasted glass is used in the production, which prevents the direct view of the interior, and it does not affect the general appearance of the bathroom design.

Modern glass washbasin

beautiful glass washbasins in the bathroom design
Other details
On the market you can find non-contact cisterns, which can be adjusted in many different colors. It is also possible to find standard rows of glass surfaces which can be embedded directly on the tile, and a special mounting frame is used for this purpose. The result is clean and compact. You will be offered different colors that you can combine in relation to your ideas. For better features it is possible to use an online configurator.
More and more households are connecting bathrooms and toilets in one room, which is why their designs must logically be unified.
There are also very smart sanitary modules made of stainless steel and a glass front panel. These modules are available in many colors: white, black, brown, mint green, purple, orange, etc., and the glass can be sandblasted. In combination with toilet white ceramic, your bathroom can get a new element.
Glass shower drain
In the bathrooms, where the toilet is located, you can also combine your bathroom design with a protective glass shower channel. There are usually three primary colors most often used – namely white, mint green and black. The safety glass is fixed with polished edges permanently special adhesive on the massive support of stainless steel, so that the cover retains its strength and durability. This allows to look at the beauty of the glass from every angle.
The glass details are very useful in the shower trays, which emphasize the luxury and unique design of your bathroom design. The glass cover of the shower channel on the bathroom floor offers interesting design elements that are embedded in the bathroom floor. The water then flows easily from the narrow gap through the glass cover into the groove.
Bathtub made of glass
The glass bathtub is considered more as a complementary design element. It consists of a self-supporting glass body, which is finished in an ergonomic chair, or is the main form of a combination of glass and other materials (wood, metal, specially hardened plastics, etc.). It is for everyday use, but it is considered more of an aesthetic element that undoubtedly attracts everyone.

Now enjoy some beautiful examples of bathroom design with glass:

nice interior in the bathroom

small illuminated glass shower cabin

very large glass shower cabin

Pastel colors in the bathroom design with glass

shower with glass cabin

many small elegant glass elements in the bathroom

nice and cool bathroom design with glass

large glass elements in the small bath

Glass partition in the bathroom

Glass shower and beige walls in the bathroom design

designer glass shower cabin and gray floor tiles

Glass chandelier in the bathroom design

Glass shelf in the bathroom design

designer black glass in the bathroom

glass instead of flowing in the bathroom

beautiful glass wall in bathroom design

bright bathroom design and white colors

Lots of glass in the bathroom design

indirect lighting in the bathroom design

minimalist glass furniture

golden glass shower cabin

Shower cabin made of glass

Delicate pastel colors in the bathroom design

small design idea for bathroom design

minimalistic bed room design in pastel colors

dark walls and glass shower cabin in bathroom design

modern glass shower cabin in bathroom design

small bathroom and glass elements

walk-in shower with glass elements

extremely modern glass shower cabin

great shower cabin made of glass and purple walls

Black glass basin in the bathroom design

minimalist glass washbasin

small glass sink for two

elegant glass washbasin in the bathroom design

beautiful glass washbasins in the bathroom design

large designer glass washbasin

a small romantic glass sink

Glass drops in the bathroom

Bathroom design in pink color

glass instead of flowing in the bathroom

eye-catching glass elements above the sink

freestanding glass bathtub with white elements


huge window in the bathroom

white bathroom with glass bathtub

porcelain bathtub in front of the window

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