Residing concepts for a Provence kitchen
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Residing concepts for a Provence kitchen

You do not want a white kitchen and look for colorful walls? You are doing well! Now modern are the pastel colors of a home decor for a Provence kitchen, especially white, but next to this are also other neutral tones popular, for example sky blue, jade green, salmon pink, purple, ivory and others.

How romantic, charming and beautiful the Provence work, everyone agrees. Actually, the people who have been there before are so captivated by their great charm that they really want to bring a piece of this beautiful nature home with them. If you choose, you must then understand the spirit of Provence.

You have to start with the background. You have to choose delicate curves and neutral tones. If you have older items that you find interesting and stylish and would like to show to your guests, then the Provencal style kitchen is an excellent idea that gives you plenty of options.

Choose the color as a living idea for a Provence kitchen in relation to the size of the room – in smaller rooms look for bright vibrant shadows, while the darker tones can be used in large spaces. Also consider the direction of the sun’s rays as well as the number and size of windows and the position of the room in the four directions.

For the ideas of living in Provence, you must visit many different factors

a provance kitchen in white

Their share in the appearance of the right living ideas for a Provence kitchen has the psychology of color.

Colorful Provence kitchens are so cozy

provence kitchen with pastel colors

yellow fades inside, gives light and energy. The darker the room, the brighter the yellow color, in order to enlarge it a little optically. It can be used on small and large areas and complement other colors. If you use a soft bright yellow tone, you can make remarkable decorations in warm and cold colors. We combine yellow with blue, orange, lavender and brown.

Provence kitchen in yellow

provence kitchen in yellow color

violet is a distinctive color for the interior, makes the atmosphere in the room mysterious with a sense and creates spirituality. At the same time, the violet pastel tones give the interior more femininity and romance. The delicate purple color predisposes for rest and relaxation, but also makes the office comfortable and appropriated for important decisions. Yellow can be combined well with natural light, wood and light tones, but also with rich colors such as black, gray and white.

Provence kitchen in purple

purple provence kitchen

blue is inspiring and helps to calm down, relax and concentrate. Visually magnified and he

This color extends the space. However, the blue color produces relatively cool touch, so it is advisable to combine them with warmer colors. The blue color is said to reduce your appetite and that is why it is suitable for good home decorating for a Provence kitchen where everyone is greedy.

Provence kitchen in blue

blue provence kitchen

green , as well as the soothing power of nature brings peace, relaxation, freedom and inner peace. This color is the bearer of new ideas. It is aimed to stimulate the body, the mind and the soul. Green blends well with white, black, gray and a range of materials. With wood this color forms a perfect natural style. Muted green goes well with pastel shades (fine yellow, salmon pink, purple), but also with earthy pastel colors.

Provence kitchen in green

green provence kitchen

The peach color adds comfort and warmth to the interior, also brings optimism, stability and safety. It can be perfectly combined with wood, glass, metal. The peach color works well with warm and cool tones and it looks particularly tasteful in larger areas.

peach ferns in provence kitchen

tone in tone

If you choose the sweet, delicate and modern pastel shades in different shades, you achieve spatial harmony. Then combine this color with its different shades in different intensities and the perfect result is already real.

an island in the provence kitchen

Residential ideas for brick in the provence kitchen

large provence kitchen

home ideas for furniture in the provence kitchen

Provence-kitchen style-resized

Residential ideas for an open cabinet in provence style

kitchen table for beautiful living ideas

green living ideas in the provence kitchen

living ideas from france for the kitchen

Wooden cupboards in the kitchen

bright pastel colors in the kitchen

a very bright provence kitchen

blue accents in the provence kitchen

desirgner modern provence kitchen

minimalism in the provence kitchen

purple in the provence kitchen

provence kitchen with retro lighting

free space in the provence kitchen

two chairs in the provence kitchen

greenish color in the provence kitchen

Wood and yellow color in Provence kitchen

detailed provence kitchen

provence kitchen with blue accents

living ideas for sittgruppe in provence style

beautiful living ideas in the provence kitchen

wood and white living ideas in provence kitchen

classic living ideas for the provence kitchen

home lighting ideas for the provence kitchen

living ideas for the provence kitchen in green

home ideas for fresh flowers in the provence kitchen

home decor for dishes in the provence kitchen

home floor ideas in the provence kitchen

Living ideas for the blue color in the provence kitchen

home ideas for golden colors in the provence kitchen

old-style lighting living-room in the provence kitchen

Delicate home décor for the provence kitchen

living ideas for the small provence kitchen

home decor for a darker provence kitchen

the provence table and living ideas

living room for wardrobes in the provence kitchen

purple living ideas for the provence kitchen

living ideas in yellow for the provence kitchen

living ideas for modernism in the provence kitchen

living ideas for modern provence cuisine

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