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Residence Workplace: 10 ideas for establishing motivation

Set up home office

“Order is half the life,” is a German saying. Those who spend half the time of their lives with work often miss home. That was yesterday! The home office is playing an increasingly important role in today’s workplace and many professions make it possible. Not without reason. It is about a modern form of working, in which the two sides are satisfied – no annoying colleagues, self-determination lures and for the company – particularly favorable. Bringing work and family together can often be a challenge. Those who do not organize themselves, the chaos brings the furniture. How to set up the home office so that you can focus on the essentials, increase your motivation and work effectively is shown by our helpful tips for the right furniture and home accessories.

What should the perfect home office look like?

Set up home office

Whether it’s a permanent home office, a part-time job, or just hours spent reading e-mails on the computer screen, it’s often necessary to set up a fixed location. Working on the sofa can affect productivity and reduce motivation. With the right furniture and a bit of creativity, every room can be transformed into a home office. Even if the room is too small, or a workplace in the living room should be designed. Important for the perfect study is not the available space, but the peace and comfort. Before you buy the right furniture, you should choose the location of your workplace. For more comfort, it is important that the home office is lit by daylight. The ideal study is a quiet place and should not be in a walk-through room. But while some people need absolute peace of mind for work, the others get really excited with noise. To create a soothing environment, you should first answer the question which type of work you are , So it’s about furnishing your personal home office with furniture and adding creative elements that will make you feel positive, so you can incorporate your own working style. To determine your interior design style, get creative inspiration on the Internet. Efficient ideas and a huge selection of high-quality ergonomic furnishing options, good for health and well-being, can be found on , To make your selection easier, we have put together a checklist and practical equipment tips for you.

Checklist for proper home office setup

Ergonomics at Home Office - Motivation for working from home

  • Desk: When choosing the central piece of furniture, pay attention to the height and size of the table top
  • Computer: Pay attention to correct positioning of the monitor and avoid strong contrasts between monitor and background
  • Chair: if you are going to spend a long time at work, choose comfort: a swivel chair with backrest and armrest is the best choice
  • Light to work: Workplace should be near the windows, as well as indirect room lighting and floor lamps available
  • Exercise is healthy: set up home office so that a little exercise is possible
  • lots of storage space: Shelves with file folders should not be missing, if not so much space – opt for sideboards
  • Order and storage: “The soul of every order is a big wastebasket”
  • Ergonomics in the workplace

Ergonomic thinking: the key to success

Home Office Ideas

Nobody wants back pain after a day’s work, especially when it comes to work from home. One solution has been found – ergonomics in the workplace. An ergonomic design and interior design of the home office is crucial to be successful Motivation and well-being to increase. Have you convinced yourself how important ergonomics are? Let’s go – ergonomically set up your home office! Since we work in a sitting position, it is very important to choose an ergonomic and customizable office chair. This allows optimal support of the spine. The desk should also have a height that suits your own height. Ergonomics in a broader sense also include lighting. Here she should have different light levels. The best way to get a desk lamp. It is surprising, but also the mousepad and the keyboard can ensure a healthy working posture. Choose every piece of Home Office equipment to benefit from ergonomics in terms of health and performance.

Home Office working efficiently from home

We know that time is incredibly precious to you, so we hope that we have saved you time looking for ideas and organization. We have given you the first steps and helpful tips for selecting the furniture, leaving only the decorations and trifles for you. Choose those that will make you smile and awaken your creativity. Because once you set up your job with love, you do not have to work all your life! We hope you enjoy working from home!

Ergonomics at Home Office - Motivation for working from home

Ergonomically set up your home office

Ergonomically set up your home office

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