Rebellious rockabilly hairstyles for males
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Rebellious rockabilly hairstyles for males

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Let’s go, long live rock, long live roll … and the rockabilly hairstyles for men. The men’s fashion would never be the same again after the 1950s rolled. This decade of rock and roll change, played on jukebox and radio, paved the way for the emergence of new rebellious rockabilly hairstyles for men.

All this came with one thing: the attitude

rockabilly hairstyles-men-greaser-rockabilly-hair-men

The typical look: Over time there were many, but the most prominent styles included are the duck tail or duck ass, pompadour, combed back, jelly roll and of course a mixture of conservative cuts in the men’s section.

In the Hair Salon – Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men

The story: For every man who lived in time, the 1950s was the perfect time to be alive. By being alive, I really mean alive as the popularity of rock and roll just shook you to the bone. With this hairstyle you will Seduce ladies of all ages !

Long live rock’n’roll

rockabilly hairstyles-men-greaser-rockabilly-short-hair

With artists like Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Gene Vincent and many others, there was a good reason everyone sticks to the jukebox and radio. From the noise and the legacies in the background emerged a new subculture called Greasers.
Along with the phenomenon came all kinds of male hairstyles with attitude, and of course lots and lots of pomade (wax too)! During the time, care products like Murray’s, Royal Crown and Brylcreem where the name says a lot.

Long live thick guitars and music for the soul

rockabilly-hairstyles-men-rockabilly Faded Side Parted Hairstyle
The hairstyles aside, the Greasers had an obsession with the leather jackets when it came to menswear. The leather jacket was like an icon in culture and was considered a symbol of daring adventure, much like the pilot heroes they wore in World War II. You could see the trend in big motorcycle gang, where most Greasers were younger and from the poorer working class. I mention this so you can get a better idea of ​​where the rebellious style comes from.

Many things died during the 1960s, but the trend regained popularity in the 1970s and 1980s

Rockabilly Hairstyles Men's Rockabilly Trendy Combed Over Hairstyle Mens

Taking all this into account, we spend some time with the Top 40 Best Greaser Men Hairstyles. Most have become classics, while others have been brought back to life using old-school approaches. If you’re a fan of Rockabilly, you’ll surely appreciate these stylish masculine ideas.

Ivy League Rockabilly Hairstyles for Men

Ivy League

If you like Ivy League style, but still want to keep some rockabilly elements, then this cut is the best choice for you. Make a simple long cone-fade and leave about 5 inches at the top. Style it up and to the side. Add a beard to complete the look.

Spiky cone-fade rockabilly hairstyles for men

Spiky cone-fade

This spiny cone is used by modern music stars, but it is not far from rockabilly. A decent cone-fade is completed with a voluminous crown above. Make some tips to make this Zayn Malik hairstyle really amazing.

Neat vs. chaotic

rockabilly hairstyles-men-hard-part greaser-short-hairstyles-for-males

If you’re not a big fan of too much hair gel that was popular in the rockabilly era, try something different. You can create a high hairstyle and keep it intact with a little hairspray. The look may be a little chaotic, but you will really spare your hair a lot.

rockabilly hairstyles mens 50s-mens-greaser-haircuts

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis, is known for popularizing rockabilly hairstyles for men. A nifty twist on the style (though it looked radically hay then), Elvis sparked the idea in the 1950s.

Fast forward to the 1980s and Danny Zucco (John Travolta) shows how the style has evolved in the meantime

rockabilly hairstyles for men

rockabilly-haircut-men-Asian Rockabilly Hair with Bangs for Men

Rockabilly Hairstyles Best Rockabilly Dark Hair for Men

rockabilly-hairstyles-men-blonde Rockabilly Pompadour Hairstyle for Men

rockabilly hairstyles-men-classic-mens-greaser-hairstyle-short-length

rockabilly-hairstyles-men-cool Rockabilly Hairstyle for Men

rockabilly hairstyles-men-cool-greaser-guys-rockabilly-long-hair-slicked-back

Rockabilly Hairstyles Men's Dark Rockabilly Hairstyle

rockabilly-hairstyles-men-go modern Go modern Go modern

rockabilly hairstyles-men-greaser-male-rockabilly-style hair-pompadour

rockabilly hairstyles-men-greaser-rockabilly-hair-for-men

rockabilly hairstyles-men-images

rockabilly-hairstyles-men-Ivy League Ivy League Ivy League

Rockabilly Hairstyles Mens Mens Old Style Rockabilly Thick Hair

rockabilly-haircut-men-Messy Rockabilly Hair for Boys

Rockabilly Hairstyles Modern Blonde Rockabilly Haircut for Men

Rockabilly Hairstyles Men Rockabilly Bright Hair for Men

Rockabilly Hairstyles Men's Rockabilly Cool Light Brown Hair for Men

Rockabilly Hairstyles Men's Rockabilly Dark Bright Hairstyle for Men

Rockabilly Hairstyles Men Rockabilly Hair Picture for Men

Rockabilly Hairstyles Men Rockabilly Hairstyle with Long Top

rockabilly-hairstyles-men-rockabilly Messy Hairstyle for Men

Rockabilly Hairstyles Men's Short Rockabilly Faded Hairstyle Back

rockabilly-haircut-men-side Swept Rockabilly Hair

rockabilly-haircut-men-side Swept Straight Combined Over Rockabilly Hair

rockabilly-haircut-men-slicked back rockabilly hair

rockabilly-haircut-men-Spiky taper fade Spiky taper fade Spiky taper fade

rockabilly hairstyles for men

rockabilly hairstyles for men

rockabilly hairstyles for men

rockabilly hairstyles for men

rockabilly hairstyles for men

rockabilly hairstyles for men

rockabilly hairstyles for men

rockabilly-hairstyles-men-Voluminous fohawk Voluminous fohawk Voluminous fohawk

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