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Quick Hairstyles Girls 2017 – Trendy Seems and Styling Concepts

Short Hairstyles Women 2017

Short hair is only good for men? In this post we try to convince you exactly the opposite! Because the short hairstyles for women are not only practical, but also very modern and feminine, playful and sexy! Here you will find everything about short hairstyles women 2017 and find out which haircuts will be in the trend for next year. We hope that you will find the perfect short hairstyle for you among our suggestions, and hope you enjoy reading!

Kurzhaarfrisuren Women 2017: What is trendy today?

Short hairstyles women 2017 modern ideas

Short hairstyles women 2017 current trends

Short hairstyles women 2017 Garcon cut smooth

Short hairstyles women 2017 modern asymmetric

Short Hairstyles Women 2017 Ideas and Inspirations

Despite the common belief that short hairstyles look more masculine, that’s not the case – just look at our photos to see for yourself! The short hair is not only easy to clean, but also offers a huge variety of different looks and styling variants. There are so many shorthair hairstyles that you could try for yourself – from the timeless bob hairstyle and the modern pixie cut to a short pageboy, tiered topcoat or a cheeky undercut. In addition, the short hairstyles emphasize the face and would bring out your beauty very well. But you may be wondering if a short haircut will ever be yours. Because the short hairstyles are of course also dependent on the face shape, and once you have made a wrong choice, you should wait until your hair grows again. But do not worry about that! Because there is a very simple way to know if it is worth separating from your long mane. This method was developed by John Frieda and you only need a pencil and a long ruler. Hold the pencil horizontally against your chin and place the ruler vertically below the earlobe, creating a 90 ° angle. Now you should check what number shows the tip of the pen – it is more than 5.5 cm, you better do without the Kurzhaarfrisur. Below you will find out which are the 5 short haircuts that are fully in fashion in 2017/2018. Let yourself be inspired!

Short Hairstyles Women 2017: Bob Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles Women 2017 Bob Taylor Swift

Short Hairstyles Women 2017 Bob Hairstyle Natalie Portman

Short Hairstyles Women 2017 Bob Nina Dobrev

Short Hairstyles Women 2017 LOB Emma Stone

Among the short hairstyles for women, the Bob is a classic. This hairstyle looks incredibly elegant and feminine, and the best part is that it really stands out for every woman! The reason is that the bob haircut has many variations that will suit any hair structure and face shape. The classic bob is about chin-length with a relatively short pony, but today it is worn from very short to shoulder length – the second variant, which today is a total hit, is also called Long Bob (LOB). Depending on your preferences, you could choose between a straight and an oblique pony.

Fashionable short hairstyles women 2017: Garcon cut

Short Hairstyles Women's 2017 Garcon Cut

Short hairstyles women 2017 Garcon cut natural look

Short hairstyles women 2017 Garcon cut modern asymmetric

The so-called “Garcon cut” comes, just like the Bob hairstyle, from the 20-years. He stands especially well all ladies with fine hair structure – while the hair is styled from the back of the head forward, which makes it seem voluminous. At the same time, this type of haircut looks both fresh and stylish – the photos above are an excellent example of this!


Short Hairstyles Women 2017 Undercut Miley Cyris

Short Hairstyles Women 2017 Undercut Extravagant

Short Hairstyles Women 2017 Undercut

Short hairstyles women 2017 tender female

Short hairstyles women 2017 extravagant sidecut

The undercut is one of the cheeky short hairstyles that are 2017/2018 the trend. It is simply ideal for self-confident women and brings the facial features to advantage. The undercut fits perfectly with eyeglass wearers, women with round face shape and thicker hair. However, this haircut looks a bit extravagant – especially in combination with extraordinary colors, so it is not suitable for everyone from a professional point of view.

Pixie cut

Short hairstyles women 2017 Anne Hathaway

Short Hairstyles Women 2017 Pixie Cut Katy Perry

Short Hairstyles Women 2017 Pixie Cut Emma Watson

The Pixie Cut, which got its name from a mythical creature (elf), looks super feminine and is just any woman! The top coat is often cut into a triangle and worn longer, while the hair on the sides and on the neck are very short-haired. Recently, the hairstyle among the stars is particularly popular.

Buzz Cut

Short Hairstyles Women 2017 Buzz Cut Cara Delevigne

Short Hairstyles Women 2017 Buzz Cut

In this radical haircut, the hair is worn raspelkurz, but emphasizes the face in a beautiful way. The Buzz Cut is only suitable for ladies with soft, feminine facial features – otherwise you would not get the desired effect!

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