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Purchase Queen Measurement Mattress: What are the professionals and cons?

Bed sizes Queen vs. King size bed differences

The American Quennsize beds have also become very popular in Germany today. Read this article to find out exactly what a queen size bed is and what it has in comparison to other types of bed like box spring bed, traditional double bed and king size bed. And who knows – maybe the facts in this post might motivate you to buy such a bed as well. Enjoy reading!

What is a queen size bed?

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You may have slept on a queen size bed before – these beds are particularly popular in hotels in the US and the UK. The English term “queen size” naturally refers to the bed size, but (perhaps contrary to your expectations) is in this case a smaller, practical version of the conventional double bed. Since this type of bed is originally from America, the size is not given in centimeters, but in inches. Typically, queen size beds are 60X80 inches (about 152X230 centimeters by European standards). However, in European manufacturing it is difficult to work with such dimensions, and as a “queen size” the bed is traded 160X200 centimeters. In comparison, the traditional double bed is most often 180 centimeters wide. So the difference between the two types of bed is not as big as you often think – in fact, the double bed is only 20 inches wider!

Queensize Vs. King-size bed

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The difference between queen and king size beds is again in the dimensions. While the smaller double bed is referred to as “queen size”, “king size” is the widest, royal variant. In the interior magazines, the two types of bed are sometimes called ladies’ and men’s beds, but their characteristic features are the same. In the US, kingsize beds are typically 76X80 inches in size, which is actually 193X203 centimeters. In Germany, these beds are actually 180 centimeters wide and 220 centimeters long, and with this size they offer a spacious sleeping area for two people. The only downside is that in most cases in the bedstead fit two mattresses and so forms an awkward gap in the middle of the bed.

Buy Queen Size Bed: What are the benefits?

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Now you know exactly what the term “queen size bed” is, but we have not said anything about its benefits yet. First, it is worth buying such a bed if you are looking for a bigger alternative to the traditional single bed. This type of bed, with its spacious lounging area, guarantees maximum comfort for one person and you will undoubtedly sleep like real queen (or king). Queen size bed is a good investment for couples too. As mentioned above, the traditional double bed is only 20 centimeters wider, which is not really crucial for the comfort of lying. Two people can easily sleep on such a bed, and it is also a practical option if you do not have enough space in your bedroom (for example, in bedrooms with sloping ceilings). Queensize beds usually cost less than double beds, and certainly less compared to king size beds, whose price can sometimes be twice that. The bed is actually the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, and if you are looking for a practical and at the same time qualitative option, then Queen Bed is the right solution for you!

Various queen size beds – box spring bed

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Finally, it can be said that there are different queen beds. If you are looking for a new, comfortable bed, the so-called box spring bed is only recommended. Boxspring beds are really hip today and come in a variety of sizes and designs – there are also models with the same width and length as queen size beds. The numerous advantages of this type of bed are its structure. A classic box spring bed consists of three parts – the box spring, filled with feathers (the lower layer), a mattress in the middle, and a topper – a thin, additional mattress that is laid up. The bed has a comfortable reclining height and through the selection of topper and mattress it can be tailored to each individual’s sleeping needs.

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