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Printing your personal T-shirts – Directions for learners

T-shirts are among the most popular garments for spring and summer, so stores are available in many different designs. However, if most of the models on offer are too boring for you, or you want a unique outfit different from the others, you can print your own T-shirts. In this article, we offer a detailed guide for beginners and many practical tips that can help you. Let yourself be inspired!

Printing t-shirts yourself – instructions and practical tips

interesting T-shirt with skull

Print t-shirts yourself

DIY self print T-shirts

modern T-shirt triangles in pastel colors

T-shirt with geometric motifs

You can print T-shirts yourself very fast and without big money. Here we show you how you can use stencils to make a T-shirt completely new. You need the following tools and materials: fabric paint, brush, Freezer paper, template, printer (if you do not want to design the motif yourself), newspaper, iron, baking paper, sharp scissors and of course a T-shirt – the best way to wash.

Step 1: Get a nice template

get a template

T-shirts self-print the template

Print your own T-shirt with geometric motifs

T-shirts themselves print ideas and inspirations

T-shirts self-print kids creative ideas

The first step is to get a nice template – to do this you can either draw your own motive on the freezer paper, or – if you are not artistically gifted – put the paper in the printer to decorate it with a beautiful motif of your choice print. Then carefully cut out the motif with scissors.

Step 2: Iron the template on the top of the T-shirt

modern T-shirt with writing

T-shirts self-print instructions in pictures

interesting T-shirt with Batman

T-shirt with interesting design stripes as an accent

DIY ideas T-shirts self-print

The next step is to place the finished template on the top of the T-Shitrts and iron them – this way, the template sticks properly and does not slip. Then you should put enough newspaper between the front and back of the T-shirt – this is necessary so that in the following step, the fabric paint does not stain.

Step 3: Paint the picture with fabric paint

paint the picture with fabric paint

DIY ideas children's self print T-shirts

T-shirts self-print original ideas children

T-shirts self-print instructions

interesting T-shirts with dots and stripes

What remains is to paint the picture with the help of the paintbrush. You can also use two or three different colors to make it even more original. The T-shirt must be allowed to air dry for at least 24 hours before you can peel off the image. They are already done!

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