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Prime 5 furnishings designers and wonderful image gallery

Interior design furniture designer

At some point, did you wonder who designed the furniture from the glossy magazines? You know your names and your most famous furniture designs. But who is behind the name of design icons? We have all the information about the 5 most famous furniture designers. They have original and stunning designs that are as modern today as they were a few years ago. You can not compare shapes and aesthetics with any other piece of furniture. For some it’s the look, for the others the quality – but we can describe the two in one word – the original. Enjoy our excellent picture gallery.

When you hear about furniture designers, you always remember Alvar Aalto

Furniture designer Aalto

What comes to your mind when you hear Alvar Aalto? Of course, wood! In 1923 Aalto founds his first architectural office. He is the protagonist of organic design and experiments with wood shapes. Aalto says, “Form is a mystery that eludes description but gives pleasure to people.” Alvar Aalto is the first plywood cantilever chair. It is exactly this artwork that makes Aalto internationally famous. Aalto’s plywood and plywood design is still modern.

Uniqueness = The brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana

Furniture designer Brother Campana

When we talk about uniqueness in furniture design, it’s about the brothers Campana. Your furniture can just talk. Campana uses everyday materials and turned them into works of art. An excellent example is the chair “Favela” made of broken wood. The individual pieces of Campana are intended for galleries in their studio in Sao Paolo. According to Campana, the design is an implementation of function, poetry and comfort.

The queen of functional furniture is Eileen Gray

Furniture designer Eileen Gray

The glory for Eileen Gray comes too late for you, but to this day everyone knows their names. She is best known for her work “Adjustable Table”. Gray has developed the functionality of furniture and today these are produced in series. Their design is very suitable for small spaces. The furniture design by Eileen Gray is not just practical, it shows elegance and a modern touch.

The representative of Germany under famous furniture designer – Hans Wegner

Furniture designer Hans Wagner

Hans Wegner is not only a representative of German furniture designers, but of chairs in general. According to his words, a chair is not a chair until somebody sits down. He seeks not only the good looks and modern touch, but the comfort and healthy sitting. That’s why his chairs are suitable for the office design. The design of Wegner can be described in three words: comfort, large and stable seat and beauty. The design icon combines modern form and functionality in a chair. In 1960, Kennedy and Nixon sit on Hans Wegner’s chairs during the first TV election duel. He is most famous for his Y-Chair.

Werner Aisslinger – A furniture designer who does not just furnish furniture

Furniture designer Werner Asslinger

Werner Aisslinger is not only famous for its features. A design by Aisslinger is his “Loft Cube” – the mobile living cube measuring 39 square meters. His works fascinate with color and functionality. They have been recorded in many museums, such as the “Museum of Modern Art” in New York. Its design has been made to this day by many famous furniture manufacturers, such as Capellini and Zanotta. Werner Aisslinger becomes very famous with his “Pad-Table” – a table made for the “new world”. The table has connections for notebooks, charging stations and can be transformed from a work table into a dining table. This is called original!

Be inspired by our gallery! Such furniture design you can not see in magazines!

Interior design by Alvar Alto

Furniture designer Aalto chairs

The chairs of the brothers Campana bring a modern touch in Office

Furniture Designer Campana Office Design

The design of Werner Aisslinger brings color in every design

Furniture Designer Asslinger Sofa

The design by furniture designer Hans Wegner is minimalistic

Furniture designer Wegner sofa

The most famous table of Eileen Gray

Furniture Designer Eileen Gray Table

Furniture designer Aalto Design

Furniture designer Aisslinger

Furniture designer Aisslinger chair

Furniture designer chairs

Furniture designer Alvar Aalto

Furniture designer Alvar Aalto table

Furniture Designer Asslinger Interior

Furniture designer Campana interior design

Furniture designer interior Campana

Furniture designer Campana chair

Furniture designer Campana chairs

Furniture designer Campana interior design

Furniture designer Campana

Furniture designer Campana chairs

Furniture designer Eileen Gray

Furniture Designer Gray Interior Design

Furniture Designer Gray Chair

Furniture designer Hans Wegner dining table

Furniture designer chairs

Furniture designer kitchen design

Furniture Designer Office Design

Furniture designer bedroom

Furniture designer Wagner Tisch

Furniture designer living room ideas

Furniture designer chairs design

Furniture designer Aalto Design

Furniture designer Aisslinger Ideen

Furniture Designer Campana Hotel Design

moebeldesigner-campana-office moebel

Furniture designer living room ideas from Campana

Furniture designer Eileen Gray chair

Chair of furniture designer

Furniture designer idea

Furniture designer chair interior design

Furniture designer Wegner dining table and chairs

Furniture Designer Werner Aisslinger Ideas

Furniture designer living room design

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