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Prepare floral preparations like a professional – suggestions and methods

Floral arrangements DIY

Flower arrangements are the best table decoration for any occasion, and can give any room a happy atmosphere. If you want to learn to arrange flowers like a pro, you are in the right place! In this post, we’ll give you some of the most important rules in making flower arrangements, and give you some playful ideas to draw inspiration from. Enjoy reading!

Arrange flower arrangements – create a wonderful decoration for your home and workplace

Floral arrangements festive table decoration

Floral arrangements combine colors

Floral arrangements roses romantic

Flower arrangements DIY original ideas

Floral arrangements of roses and orchids

Floral arrangements roses candles table decoration

To combine the flowers successfully and to understand their “language” correctly is a little art in itself – every florist knows this secret. This is also the basis of the basic principles of Japanese Ikebana art, which today is a popular hobby for many people. It really is a demanding task to create a magnificent overall picture from different types of flowers, colorful leaves, grasses, flower stalks and cattails, but the result is worth the effort – take a look at our photos to see for yourself! As already mentioned, here are some inspirational ideas and useful tips on how to arrange beautiful floral arrangements yourself – as a table decoration for a special occasion or simply to create a nice atmosphere at home or at work. Arranging flowers is also a soothing activity that could help you reduce the stress of everyday life. If you like the idea, read on!

Make floral arrangements yourself – instructions

Floral arrangements roses wedding

Flower arrangements arrange tips themselves

Flower arrangements arrange inspirational ideas

Flower arrangements themselves make instructions

Flower arrangements asymmetrically gorgeous look

For the realization of our idea you need the following: Flowers of your choice, flower plugs, secateurs, a metal box, some clay and pebbles. You could choose between 2-3 types of flowers whose colors complement each other (for example, white, orange and yellow), and also some interesting leaves – for example, from begonia, to decorate. First, you should make small balls from the flower clay and press them with your hands on the bottom of the flower plug. Then place the flower plug in the vessel of your choice (it could be a metal box or an old wooden box or a beautiful vase). Take the flowers and cut their stems diagonally under the water – in this way the flowers would stay fresh longer, as they absorb water when cutting. A great idea is that the individual flowers have different lengths – so their arrangement would look very original. Now fill your container with water and start to prick it on the individual flower plugs. Be bracing, as the once inserted flowers can not be taken out. When you’re done, place gravel around the flowers to hide the flower plugs. Finally, you could also add some Begonia leaves and get! The flower arrangement would last at least a week and beautify your home! And then you could just throw away the old flowers and make a new arrangement!

Flower arrangements arrange in every season

Flower arrangements arrange depending on the season

Floral arrangements fall

Floral arrangements Easter narcissus

Flower arrangements arrange peonies and peonies

Floral arrangements arrange autumn and winter

Floral arrangements in rainbow colors gorgeous look

Floral arrangements inspiring ideas

Spring is simply the ideal time for beautiful floral arrangements! Snowdrops, tulips, hyacinths, peonies, carnations, gerberas, freesias, willowweights, daisies – all these spring flowers can be used to create fascinating and super beautiful combinations! The arrangements can be embellished with some flowering tree branches in addition. In summer you can enjoy cheerful arrangements of roses, sunflowers and lilies, while the Lift offers a variety of natural materials – colored leaves, chestnuts, acorns, pine cones, which can also be used when arranging. And in winter you can also make beautiful arrangements of evergreen branches, mistletoe and poinsettia, which will create a cozy atmosphere in your apartment. Just let your imagination run wild, and the good result is guaranteed! You could arrange the flowers according to your personal preferences, or choose those flowers that send a specific message – for this purpose, you should first with the Blumensprache familiarize. Become a real eye-catcher the arrangements, if you use colorful bows or unusual containers. Have fun arranging!

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