Picket blinds for fashion and coziness
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Picket blinds for fashion and coziness

Nowadays, many people opt for the use of wooden blinds over curtains and curtains, although these together with the modern window glass packages offer countless style, color, space and insulation options. Nostalgia in the old alpine style, which dominates the beautiful winter holiday resorts, a fashion that reflects past decoration and building traditions, or an escape from the hectic everyday life, the wooden blinds are always popular and are becoming more modern.

Always elegant

Elegant and modern wooden blinds in the restaurant

Apart from the fact that the wooden blinds block direct sunlight and also achieve maximum privacy, you can also use them to teach style to your home.

A warmer Atmоsphäre

Hang wooden blinds to show style

If you have a traditional house where you prefer high quality wooden furniture, you can add wooden shutters to the interiors. Although they may come in darker and lighter shades, these are also the best option in areas where humidity is usually high, as the wooden blinds barely warp.
You do not have to pull them down, wash them, iron them and do not hang them again. There are different types of wooden blinds and with the following tips you will be able to decide what works best for you and your space.

The wooden blinds help to regulate the light in the room

The wooden blinds regulate the light in the room
As the center of the house, kitchen is a great place to start if you want to make some simple improvements at home. The minimalist trend is always very popular, so why not create an elegant kitchen with white basics and invest in wooden venetian blinds with details? Alternatively, if you dream of a quaint traditional kitchen, a patterned fabric roller blind may be the better option.

A very elegant kitchen

Elegant kitchen with wooden blinds
The blinds are a great addition to a modern living room, especially if you have other natural furnishings in the room and you want to bring a complete look to the space. They are especially popular with those who plan to integrate green plants into their home.

Green plants and wood in the bathroom

Green plant in the bathroom and wooden blinds look great together

Some homeowners, especially those who have collected design inspiration from around the world and have been influenced by it, have opted for blinds from their favorite countries – Japanese wooden blinds, for example. They add a peculiar character to the bedroom and also to the living area.

A foreign souvenir

Foreign wooden blinds from Japan

Do not forget that there are a number of additional features – they are moisture resistant, energy efficient and regulate light levels.

No too strong light

Gerdinen or wooden blinds - the light is regulated
Now you can enjoy and be inspired by some of our best suggestions.

Wooden blinds in the living room

House with modern wooden blinds

Gemütluches living room with Gesignerholzjalousien

Wooden blinds for a chic white interior

Bedroom with wooden blinds

Elegant dark wooden blinds

Wooden blinds accentuate brown furniture

Large wooden blinds for a beautiful bedroom

White wooden blinds and chrome colors in the living room

Chic dining room with wooden blinds

Elegant dining room with wooden blinds

Wooden blinds and stone decoration in the living room

Attic and wooden blinds - an interesting combination

The wooden blinds as window protection

Bedroom and wooden blinds for Elegnaz

Bedroom with wooden blinds in a dark color

Wooden blinds in the bathroom - why not?

Wooden blinds in the kitchen - style and minimalism

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