Pattern 2018 for wallcovering: Petrol colour is introduced!
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Pattern 2018 for wallcovering: Petrol colour is introduced!

Petrol color design wall paint

What does the petrol color look like? Petrol green or rather blue? No matter in which nuance, the effect of the petrol color is so intense that it is well suited for every style of furnishing and can be combined with almost all colors and home accessories. That is also the reason that the color petrol from the color palette wall colors is a trendy trend for 2018. How can you use petrol as an interior color in wall design to give your rooms a touch of elegance, we will reveal the secret! Let yourself be inspired!

The trend color petrol and its effect as a wall paint

Petrol color looks inviting in the hallway

The color petrol has the properties of two shades from the color palette blue and green. The two colors are connected to the element of water and remind of the sea and holiday. So the petrol color has a relaxing and soothing effect on us! That’s why the fall season is the best time to paint your walls in Petrol and let the summer mood flow back into the house! Choose the deeper nuance of the color petrol, such as petrol blue, then the color makes you think. The two nuances – green and blue are friendly and fit perfectly with the wall design in the cozy bedroom, living room and why not in the bathroom?

Petrol color – a cozy color for your cozy bedroom

Bedroom turquoise

If we think of the recreational effect of petrolatum, then we can make sure that the color is perfect as a wall paint for your bedroom. Since the color petrol is more of a darker color palette, we recommend only painting a wall in petrol. The best choice is the wall behind the bed. Note, however, the size of the room, as small rooms will look very classy with the dark tones. The trend color can be perfectly combined with white and gray for minimalist interior design style and with yellow and green.

In a country-style living room, the color of petrol comes into its own

Color palette wall paints - petrol color is wall paint

The petrol color contrasts perfectly with the natural flair of the wooden furniture. The wall design of the living room in country-house style or in rustica is never exaggerated – convince yourself of the picture above, how stylish the living room looks, if the petrol color not only serves as a wall paint or as an accent, but also decorates the furniture and textile!

Modern bathrooms in white look more elegant with a wall in petrol color

Petrol wall paint in the bathroom

Which home accessories are suitable for the color Petrol?

Petrol color - which color suits to green

What do you think about the picture? An inviting petrol wall paint and a golden shine! The trend color and metal, no matter whether copper or gold, meet each other perfectly! The warm contrast will bring a touch of elegance and coziness to your home. The wall decoration can, as in this case, be wall shelves with your favorite books, souvenirs, pictures or vases. Designing a photo wall on the teal wall is a very good idea, especially if you choose a golden shade or white color for the picture frames. Passepartout made of natural wood is also a good alternative, because the wooden accessories look very noble.

The combination of red and blue is classic, but red and petrol are a wonderful contrast!

Wall color bedroom soothing

Stylishly a sofa in petrol tinges color in front of the petrol wall paint

Petrol color wall paint in the living room

A gray sofa also fits well with the wall in petrol

Petrol color living room

Trend 2018: The modern kitchen radiates in color Petrol!

Petrol color kitchen

Minimalist: The more petrol, the more! Why just paint a wall in petrol color?

Petrol color wall paint blue

Decorating in color – yellow is a real eye-catcher on the background of the wall in petrol

Petrol scar in the dining room

Scroll down to get some inspiring ideas

Petrol color Wadfarbe

Turquoise wall paint as an accent

Petrol color bedroom wall paint

Petrol color bedroom green wall color

Petrol color in the bedroom

Which color suits to green

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