Pasting kitchen fronts: 19 recent proposals for renewal
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Pasting kitchen fronts: 19 recent proposals for renewal

You want to refresh your kitchen furniture and not throw it away, because they still work perfectly, but you do not want to spend a lot of money on it? It is not necessary that you always consult with professionals. It costs too much and does not bring any special ideas. Have you ever thought about kitchen foils? Why not! If you are a creative person and want to give your kitchen an innovative look, kitchen foils are the perfect solution to your problem! You can use it to stick your kitchen fronts by preserving the old but still functioning furniture, but creating a whole new look. This is an inexpensive alternative that combines elegance and variety. Below, we offer you some stylish ideas on how to stick your kitchen fronts in an attractive way. Get inspiration!

Gluing kitchen fronts creates a charming effect in the kitchen

kitchen fronts stick colorfully

küchenfronten sticking fresh

kitchen fronts sticking brightly

küchenfronten stick before after

kitchen fronts sticky brightly

frosted kitchen fronts

painted on kitchen fronts

kitchen fronts sticking red

Recently, self-adhesive films are a total hit in the kitchen renovation. It is no longer necessary to replace the fronts, but just stick to them. Self-adhesive foils can be found in many colors and tones on the market and combined according to your wishes and tastes. Matt or shiny – the decision is up to you. Varied opportunities and options are in front of you. There are both simple monochrome foils, as well as those with motifs. With the right accessories to transform your kitchen in a contemporary modern space.

You are the designer of your dream kitchen! Decorating kitchen fronts

kitchen fronts stick interesting

kitchen fronts stick colorfully kitchen fronts dark red

Self-adhesive films can offer a modular configuration. Depending on your wishes you can design these in different variants. Each cupboard door can be a single motif or all together form a whole. The end effect would certainly be enchanting because the films are designed to fit any style of living and atmosphere by choosing the right colors. The brighter colors, the more lively the kitchen. The darker colors, the simpler design.

Inspirational examples of renewed kitchens with self-adhesive foil

kitchen fronts sticking brightly

kitchens frieze pink

kitchen fronts sticking red

kitchens frieze cream

kitchens frieze pink

küchenfronten bekleben detailreich

kitchen fronts sticking white

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