Paint Sorbian easter eggs - with DIY instruction you'll grasp the artwork!
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Paint Sorbian easter eggs – with DIY instruction you’ll grasp the artwork!

Sorbian Easter eggs painted for Easter? Maybe this date does not tell you anything, but you may have seen these breathtaking ornaments on the eggs at some point …

Decorating Easter eggs with Sorbian techniques is an art and has its own name – Bossiertechnik , but…

How exactly does the Bossing technique for Sorbian Easter eggs work?

The Bossiertechnik is a kind of wax technique and the simplest decoration technique. In this technique, wax is spotted in different colors on the brown or white previously dyed eggs. All you need is waxes and a sense of how the different colors harmonize. That’s the charm of these Easter eggs! But do not worry about the perfection and symmetry, even the smaller children can try it, because they often come up with particularly creative ideas. The advantage of Bossiertechnik: the patted patterns and ornaments remain on the Easter egg. Take a look at our instructions on how to do it:

Making Sorbian Easter Eggs Yourself: The Classic DIY Guide

Everything you need:

  • Candle remains and beeswax
  • spoon
  • 1 glass with sand
  • 1 tealight
  • Pins and a pencil to pin the needles
  • Textile true color
  • blower unit
  • white chicken eggs

Step by step instructions:

2. Draw the eggs with a pencil.

3. Heat the beeswax in the spoon and dip the pin in the wax.

4. Apply the patterns to the egg.

5. Put the eggs into the dye bath, adding a little vinegar and wait 3-10 minutes.

6. Take out the egg, let it dry.

7. Carefully drill the egg and blow it out

8. Gently melt off wax – preferably in the oven tube

9. and ready 🙂

A simple alternative to waxing technology that you can try at home

The required materials:

Step 1: Either paint with the brush with white paint directly on the egg or use a pattern

Step 2: Paint the rest with a different color


Without patterns and templates, you can also create stunning embellishments on the eggs

In our picture gallery you will find many inspirations and techniques! Have fun!

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