Paint porcelain: redesign the previous dishes
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Paint porcelain: redesign the previous dishes

This interesting pastime is not just for kids. With paint and brush you can redesign the old porcelain tableware or work out original gifts for the beloved ones. The painted porcelain can also be an attractive decoration of your home and that also gives you the opportunity to show your creativity and Fantase. In this article you will find ideas and inspirations, as well as many practical tips on how to paint porcelain.

Painting porcelain – a creative hobby

painted plate

Painting hobby porcelain

Paint the porcelain

painted plates

Paint the porcelain

Painting porcelain is not complicated at all – you just need special porcelain markers you can buy from the bookstore, white paper, pencil, scissors, rags, pharmacy ethanol, Tesafilm and of course an old porcelain cup or plate. Here you will find a simple guide if you want to try painting porcelain yourself. The dishes should be thoroughly cleaned in advance with a detergent.

Paint porcelain – instructions for beginners

Paint the porcelain

painted porcelain cups

Paint the porcelain

Paint the porcelain

painted coffee cup

Paint the porcelain

If you want to paint porcelain yourself, draw a draft on the paper with the pencil and cut it out. To transfer the design to the porcelain, you need copy paper. You should also cut it, put it under the design and glue it with Tesafilm. The next step is to trace your design with a pointed pencil. After that, remove it and the copy paper and, with the help of porcelain pencils, copy everything again.

Draw with porcelain markers

painted porcelain dishes

to redesign the old dishes

Paint the porcelain

original cup

Paint DIY porcelain

You can paint porcelain, even by drawing directly on the dishes with your porcelain pencils. You can correct the mistakes made with a rag and ethanol. The porcelain should also be cleaned with water and detergent. Let it dry well before continuing.

Let the dishes dry in the oven

Paint the porcelain

original coffee cup

interesting plate

painted cups

Paint the porcelain

When you are done with everything, let the dishes air-dry for at least four hours. Then place it in the oven switched on by setting a temperature of 160-170 degrees. The porcelain should burn for 30 minutes and then cool in the oven turned off. In this way, the color becomes durable and spuhaschinenfest.

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