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Paint nails – some suggestions for nail designs


We paint nails best ourselves. Anyone who does not dare, of course, can go to the pro. It takes a lot of time. Every lady can paint nails with nail polish. So you save the way to the nail salon and can paint the nails, for example, in the evening on the couch. It is important that the basic rules are adhered to, so that it results in a good and long-lasting manicure. Nail designs, colors and patterns are plentiful. Often with instructions to make yourself, so that even untrained home can try. And actually, according to the rule, who has tried, practices very quickly and after the first unsuccessful attempt to get a good result.

Paint nails – perfect, like the pros

Paint nails - great idea

Painting nails is not as difficult as you think. It is very convenient to be pampered by a professional in the nail salon, but sometimes it should just go fast, money is not enough or we do not find the time to go to the nail salon. So, everyone can apply perfect nail polish on his hands and feet. If it’s gellac or shellac, or something you can not or do not want to do at home, then going to the nail salon is a must.

Nail shape is very much

colorful acrylic nails

Perfect fingernails are a hallmark of care and femininity. They can be designed differently, because there are not only the colors and motifs but also different nail shapes. In some professions particularly short and inconspicuous nails should be worn, but if that is not the case, fingernails can be presented very differently.

How long should the perfect nails be?

The color combination - just beautiful

The length of the fingernails is a matter of taste. Decisive for the length in the first place beside the own taste is how you can feel and tolerate the fingernail length itself. Some dream of overlong fingernails, others prefer a natural fingernail length that is suitable for everyday use, but it is important how you feel about it. Even short nails can look chic and stylish details perfect.

How do I get the perfectly painted nails

Purple nuances for every taste

A good preparation is definitely one of them, because only then does the nail polish last longer and does not flake off so quickly. First of all, the old nail polish should be removed. Now you can cut your nails and file in the right shape. Just remove or care for cuticles. Then comes the undercoat or base coat called, which resembles the bumps on the nail and creates a smooth surface for the paint application. There are also the so-called groove fillers, which are suitable for very uneven nail surface. Once the base coat has dried, the colored can be applied. Shake the bottle vigorously and apply a uniform layer towards the tip of the nail. Allow to dry briefly and apply a second coat depending on the opacity of the paint. Better to apply two thin layers as one thick, because the thick layer dries longer and is prone to damage. Let it dry again for 5-6 minutes and soon the time comes for the application of the top coat. It seals the nails, giving them extra shine and durability.

Decorating nails can be practiced

Muffin Nail Design

No matter if you paint your nails yourself, decorate rhinestones, sticker decals or simply glitter powder, they are definitely an eye-catcher. There are many people, mostly women, who even unconsciously pay attention to the nails of the opposing persons.

Well-groomed nails in natural colors or unpainted

Noble fingernail design

Bunch of painted nails are an accessory for many women. According to the trend, paint breaks are taken or natural paint colors chosen. A good nail hardener strengthens the nails, balances grooves, protects from splintering and gives the nails a noble glow.

Paint toenails

Cool foot nail polish idea - a real eye-catcher

Actually, toenail painting is a bit more difficult than fingernail painting. The feet need regular care, which is more complex than hand care. If you do not want to go to a specialist, you can do it yourself at home with the right foot care products. The first step in pedicure is a pleasant foot bath, for easier care of the already soaked corneal areas and then follow the same steps as in the manicure until you have a great-looking pedicure.

paint different ideas for nails

Non-alcoholic nails

Nail stickers for great effects

Royalblue - paint a nice color for nails

Delicate floral pattern and color matt

Great nail designs for different occasions

Ideas for nail decoration

Noble nail design for neat-looking nails

Ombre nails - noble and well-groomed

Toenails - ideas for nail polish Ideas for foot nail polish

Marble nails in yellow

Simple nails for every day

Create beautiful nails

The hair nice on fingernails

Beautiful fingernails - a hairy story

Paint Halloween nails

Autumn rain on nails

Painting nails for Valentine's Day

Nice color combination for raspberry nails

Halogen nail polish - a real eye-catcher

Glitter manicure - chic nail design

Baby blue nails - a great nail finding

Funny fingernails images

The latest trend - marble pattern on the nails

Green marbled nails - to look twice

French manicure for lovers

Halogen and gold shades, the trend 2017

Universe nails - simply great

Ombre nail design - a nice decision

Paint nails - you have to love that

An absolute eye-catcher - the perfect execution

Chic and fancy - black matte with deco

Interesting nail art design -black matte and silver

Chic pointed nails - noble design

Nail shape can vary, even be so pointed

Pointy nails - not everyone can wear them

Top nails varnish with stone decorations

Paint nails in red - a classic at Manicure

Filigree pictures on fingernails

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