Paint Cups: Easy Directions and 20 Inspirational DIY Concepts
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Paint Cups: Easy Directions and 20 Inspirational DIY Concepts

Mugs Paint 20 Inspirational DIY Ideas

You want a hobby that expresses your creativity? In this article, we have a great DIY idea just for you – we’ll show you how you can paint yourself cups! In addition to a detailed guide, you will also find 20 original design ideas below, from which you can draw inspiration. Let yourself be inspired and enjoy reading!

Painting cups – a great idea for your free time

Self-print cups yourself Gift

beautiful cups themselves designed original look

dm cup original look

Make yourself cups black porcelain

Create your own cup of heart wonderful design

Mug shape DIY geometric triangles arrows

Mug design your own original design ideas

Cups are creative ideas for making your own

Paint cups funny

Self-printing cups DIY ideas

Cup label gift Father's Day

The artfully painted cups are a wonderful gift idea for friends, colleagues and relatives, and in it your coffee will make every morning twice as much fun! With paint, brush and some imagination, you can also beautify the old porcelain tableware to impress your guests and family. Painting on porcelain is actually much easier than you might think, and is suitable as a recreational activity even for children. The choice of colors and patterns is simply boundless – happy faces, abstract shapes, favorite sayings and quotes from books and movies – everything is possible! If you are artistically talented, you could think up the motives yourself, otherwise there are many free templates on the internet that would make your job easier. Below you will find a list of the necessary materials, as well as simple instructions and helpful tips on how to paint porcelain cups. Have fun crafting!

Paint cups – detailed instructions and helpful tips

Paint cups DIY necessary materials

Cups personalize instructions

Make your own cup how are you?

Cups paint simple instructions

Make cups decorate porcelain

Painting cups how are you?

If you would like to paint cups yourself, you need the following: special porcelain crayons (can be found in almost every craft store), a cup of light porcelain without ornaments, ethanol from the pharmacy, graphite copy paper, possibly a template, pencil, Tesafilm and scissors. First, you should clean the cup very well to remove any traces of dust, grease or detergent. Now you have two options – to paint something directly on the porcelain surface and remove any errors with ethanol, or to draw the motif on graphite copy paper, and then transfer it to the cup. When using a template, swipe the back of the subject with the pencil, then glue the template to the cup and retighten the contours of the subject by pressing hard with the pencil. The next step is to trace the motif transferred on the cup with porcelain pencils. Allow the cup to air dry for about four hours and then place it in the oven for 30 minutes at a temperature of 160 ° to make the porcelain paints dishwasher safe. And done!

Paint beautiful cups of porcelain

dm cup original saying English

Cups label instructions

Make cups yourself DIY ideas and inspirations

Make your own cup gorgeous gift idea

Customize Mugs Instructions

DIY cup design

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