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Grey wall paint for a harmonious and trendy wall design

Gray wall paint for a harmonious and modern wall design

Gray is unsuitable as a wall paint because it looks rather oppressive and impersonal? In this article, we try to convince you exactly the opposite! The gray wall paint is today extremely modern and has many advantages that no other nuance has to offer. Below you will find out which …

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Scandinavian life-style – easy stylish from the north

Scandinavian lifestyle - simple chic from the north

Bright colors, minimalist forms and a lot of cosiness, so the Scandinavian lifestyle can be described in a few words. Light is also something that belongs to the Scandinavian lifestyle. Light sources and candles are very desirable in the long dark winter times in every house. Bright wall colors and …

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Which furnishing-style do you observe?

Which furnishing-style do you follow?

You feel a bit lost and do not know what style of home furnishings to decorate your home? You only need a few directions and recommendations to create your dream home. Setting up is considered an infinite topic and nobody can know everything about it. The trends in facility are …

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Nice home-made concepts – set atmospheric accents with wooden

Great home-made ideas - set atmospheric accents with wood

Whether you are a fan of the Nordic, modern, rustic or luxurious apartment style Wood is still considered a good idea for furniture, floor and wall cladding, accessories. The architects and living experts recommend the wood in all variations for a cozy ambience in your home. Due to its sustainability, …

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Nice design concepts to your home

Great design ideas for your home

From the roof to the basement – you want to create a place to your dreams that is not just a house, but – your home! In the interior design, the personality, the individual wishes and the cosiness gain the upper hand. If these three keywords are combined successfully, only …

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