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LED oblique lighting – 22 trendy recommendations

LED indirect lighting - 22 stylish suggestions

Everyone knows what direct light means – it’s about a direct and visible source of light. Unfortunately, direct light is not so appropriate if you want to create a cozy atmosphere. To create a cozy lighting atmosphere, you need a LED indirect lighting. For this type of lighting, the light …

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Trendy cuckoo clocks – 52 contemporary concepts

Modern cuckoo clocks - 52 fresh ideas

Who says the cuckoo clocks are outdated? But, the cuckoo clocks are revived. For this reason we want to show you today the revolutionary development in the production of the cuckoo clocks. Do you think that there are many models of trendy cuckoo clocks? But you can not do the …

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Steel cabinets: present inside design concepts

Metal shelves: current interior design ideas

Create a cozy home! It seems almost impossible to you? But! Today we will show you how you can transform the four walls into a small space wonder, with the help of the right furniture. Enrich the furnishing style by placing on flexible furniture that fulfills several purposes. A nice …

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20 trendy concepts to design Hülsta front room wall

20 stylish ideas to design Hülsta living room wall

If you have decided on modern living room furniture, then hülsta Wohnwand is the perfect way to make your home elegant and modern at the same time. With a hülsta living-room wall at home, you will feel comfortable and comfortable at home. This creates a cozy atmosphere in the living …

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Open fireplaces: helpful concept or not?

Open fireplaces: useful idea or not?

Who can not remember the open fireplaces in the old movie classics? So much warmth and romance at home! Have a cup of tea by the fire or read an interesting book! Maybe you sometimes dreamed of it? Romantic atmosphere in your apartment too? You can easily do that! Open …

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The eating room lamps deliver magnificence to the room

The dining room lamps bring elegance to the room

If you are planning an update of your dining room and you are looking for the perfect fixtures to stylishly coordinate them with your dining room interior design, there are a variety of options to choose from. From modern pendant lights and chandeliers that create dramatic foci to track lighting …

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39 concepts for glass cabinets for each room design

39 ideas for glass shelves for every room design

There are many reasons to love the glass shelves! They bring a modern touch to every room design and they are completely neutral. In other words, they are not there. This makes the glass shelves ideal for small spaces. They make the room big and bright and look stylish. From …

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