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eight craft concepts for youngsters for a pirate celebration

8 craft ideas for children for a pirate party

The summer holidays are on the door and in combination with the warm weather offers great opportunity for crafts. The crafts and the experiments bring color to children’s lives and make them fun. Creating something with your own hands is important for the children who wash. Many times we mention …

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Self-supporting stairs – 40 fashionable design concepts

Self-supporting stairs - 40 modern design ideas

The staircase is often in the entrance area and sometimes it is the first thing that impresses guests when they enter their apartment. This also determines the important role of the staircase in the field of modern interior design – it is considered not only as a functional element, but …

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12 inventive concepts for DIY mattress!

12 creative ideas for DIY bed!

In a DIY bed you could actually sleep very comfortable! That seems impossible to you? You do not believe in it? We’ll show you some creative ideas for self-built beds and give useful tips to make your bed individual and unique! Comfortable and cozy with DIY bed How big should …

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Eye Tattoo Design – which means and 34 nice examples

Eye Tattoo Design - meaning and 34 great examples

The eye tattoo can really be fascinating and is well received by both sexes. Apart from the fact that an eye tattoo immediately attracts attention, it also has a symbolic meaning. You’ll be surprised how many design variations of eye tattoos even exist. Some prefer the real-looking eye, others prefer …

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Rebellious rockabilly hairstyles for males

Rebellious rockabilly hairstyles for men

Let’s go, long live rock, long live roll … and the rockabilly hairstyles for men. The men’s fashion would never be the same again after the 1950s rolled. This decade of rock and roll change, played on jukebox and radio, paved the way for the emergence of new rebellious rockabilly …

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Concepts for humorous tattoos

Ideas for funny tattoos

Before you let funny tattoos under the skin, you should really consider it carefully. On one side, an original funny tattoo on a healthy level of craziness is always a great way to demonstrate your attitude to life. This type of pattern and pattern shows that you are a free …

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