Origami Christmas: DIY concepts for lovely Christmas decorations
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Origami Christmas: DIY concepts for lovely Christmas decorations

Origani fold Christmas crafting instructions

Christmas is coming soon, so in this article, we’ve collected a few wonderful DIY ideas for imaginative deco specifically for you, and that’s where you’ll learn how to make origami yourself! That sounds a lot more complicated than it really is – look at the picture instructions below to see for yourself! The finished origami look just great and so you could decorate the Christmas tree, the windows or even the festive table. We hope you enjoy our proposals for Origami Christmas! Have fun crafting!

Origami Christmas: conjure imaginative paper decorations

Origami Christmas DIY Ideas Fir-tree

Origami Christmas splendid stars red paper

Origami Christmas fir-tree from colorful paper

Origami Christmas great stars made of glossy paper

Origami Christmas Gorgeous Gift Box

Decorate origami Christmas fairy lights

Troubled by the widespread belief that origami wrinkles are difficult, anyone could do that – with a little patience, skill and, of course, a detailed guide, you would make little works of art out of paper! The basic idea of ​​origami is actually to fold small pieces of paper that look aesthetically almost without sticking and cutting. There are a huge variety of different ideas to replicate in the net, but in this post we offer you some instructions for Origami for Christmas, which will beautify your home for the festival. Surely you would be surprised how many beautiful things you can conjure from paper – Christmas men, happy window decorations, table decorations, gift boxes, poinsettias and all kinds of great decorations for the Christmas tree. The folding of Origami at Christmas also has another advantage – it is much less expensive compared to the expensive decoration that you can buy from any shop. Moreover, the origami are unique because they are made by yourself and would give your home a particularly original look for the feast. When folding, your children could also participate – the fun is guaranteed! Below you will find our crafting instructions, as well as a few helpful tips for decorating. We hope you enjoy our suggestions, and wish you a Merry Christmas!

Origami Christmas: impressive stars

Origami Christmas star picture tutorial

Origami Christmas star window decoration

Origami Christmas DIY stars made of glossy paper

One of the most common Christmas symbols is undoubtedly the star. The Origami stars are very easy to make for Christmas – you only need a compass or a bowl of the appropriate size, pencil, colored paper and a ruler (see the picture instructions above). A great idea would be to make stars in different sizes, and hang them up as a window decoration. The stars would look particularly impressive if you use glitter paper – preferably in typical Christmas colors such as gold, green, red and silver.

Origami Christmas: elegant snowflakes

Origami Christmas original snowflakes

Origami Christmas impressive snowflakes paper

Origami Christmas DIY snowflakes

Origami Christmas 3d snowflakes

The snowflakes are also an important element of the Christmas decoration and are even easier to make than the stars themselves! You could simply fold a sheet of paper four or more times, and use the pair of scissors to cut out impressive patterns. The finished snowflakes can be easily glued to the window glass. Of course, this is not origami in the classical sense. If you want to fold real 3D origami snowflakes, follow our guide and surprise your family with stylish Christmas decorations!

Folding origami for Christmas – Santa Claus

Origami Christmas creative ideas Santa Claus

Origami Christmas Weihnachsmann

Christmas is hardly vostellbar without Santa, so it should not be missing in the festive decoration! A great Santa Origami, you could fold from red-colored paper in just a few steps. With it you could decorate both the Christmas tree, as well as the greetings cards for the feast or the gift boxes.

Decorate fairy lights with origami boxes

Origami Christmas boxes of colorful paper

Origami Christmas boxes fold instruction in pictures

Decorate origami Christmas fairy lights with colorful paper boxes

Spice up the origami Christmas fairy lights

You could also beautify your fairy lights with the help of origami! You should simply fold small boxes and attach them to the individual light bulbs (see the photos above to get a better idea). The light will flow gently through the paper and give the room a romantic atmosphere.

Christmas tree origami folding

Origami folding Christmas making Christmas tree yourself

Origami Christmas fir tree original look

Origami Christmas folding pattern fir-tree

The origami Christmas tree requires a bit more time, technique and patience, but it’s well worth the effort. The mini fir-trees look just great as a table decoration – your guests would be impressed in any case!

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