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Order should be: 10 recommendations for a tidy workplace

Tips for order in the office

Order is half the life, this saying is especially true in the office. Because in a tidy environment it works faster, more concentrated and more efficient. We’ll show you how to turn the office into a welcoming and ideal working environment with tricks and simple means!

1. Clear your desk!

On the desk should absolutely be turned off only what is needed daily. Everything else is stored in drawers, cabinets or boxes away from the workplace. On free desk ensures a free head. You can focus much better because all the distractions disappear from your field of vision.

2. Clear out!

Chaos often arises when there are too many things. Many retain documents for too long and have limited use of the digital alternatives to filing documents. The handling of the PC keeps great space-saving possibilities in order to make the office as paper-free as possible. Much does not have to be printed today, but can alternatively be accommodated in virtual archives. This saves space, time, money and protects the environment.

3. Bundle match!

Clear your desk!

An essential condition for permanent order is the bundling of the same things. For example, keep instructions for use, office supplies, and various paper for printing in one place at a time, and avoid sharing the same everywhere.

4. Arrange the cable salad!

Cables are unavoidable in an office so far. In some rooms there is a veritable tangle of cables under the desks. If a device needs to be replaced, repaired or otherwise placed, unraveling begins. This costs valuable time and nerves. At the same time, the separate switching on and off of PC, speakers, lighting , Graphic accessories and Co. disturbing and the constant standby mode devours unnecessary power.

First, in the office, the use of a master-slave power strip is advisable. Here, a master device and several slave devices can be determined via the slots. “When a device is connected to a master port, the slave devices can only be used when the master device is turned on,” the model description below states steckdosenleiste.org , an online portal with a current socket strip test. These Master-slave system is convenient in the office because loudspeakers, keyboards and many other devices are only used in combination with the PC (master) anyway. After work, turn off your computer and all other electrical appliances will automatically go into the off state. Another advantage: The standby mode is avoided.

The residential prince shows in addition, how to hide the unsightly socket strips with the help of a decorative box:

In addition, we have further tips against cable salad in the technology magazine under praxistipps.chip.de discovered.

5. Reduce storage baskets!

More than three storage baskets are completely unnecessary and favor chaos. The more storage compartments there are, the more people usually accumulate. Therefore, focus deliberately and limit yourself to a maximum of the following baskets:


The only place to store current mail.


Specialist articles and the like, which you need to read to develop or process orders, can be found here. As soon as you have time, the contents should be read and then disposed of. If necessary, place it in the appropriate place.

To do

This includes only open tasks that you still need to work on.

6. Work with colored folders!

Work with colored folders!

Without a folder it usually does not work. Accounting, tax returns, insurance policies and many more documents must be kept for a certain period of time. Assign the documents in different color folders. So you keep the overview and have everything with a handle ready. In addition, the color assignment makes it easier for others to find their way around the office. Within the folder can be held with the help of separating strips order.

7. Choose closed furniture!

Unlike open shelves Closed furniture generally radiates more order and peace. For example, if you look at a shelf with hundreds of folders every day from your workstation, that bothers your concentration far more than a closed filing cabinet with a smooth surface. So, if you’re buying new office furniture anyway, you should include that fact.

8. Complete the filing daily!

Do the filing daily!

In many offices it is customary to collect documents from completed tasks in a storage compartment. However, this is to be discouraged, as it piles up paperwork faster than expected. Once the amount of documentation is too big, no one has more desire and certainly no time to devote himself to this mammoth task. If papers are evacuated to the square every day, it costs considerably less time and often the respective folders are faster to reach if the documents originate from current executions. They are then still in the topic and do not have to read the documents first to decide on their place.

9. Grab the unit!

A smorgasbord of numerous different standing collectors, folders and shelves looks chaotic and untidy. The office will be more decorative and neat with uniform systems. Find out about products that can be permanently rebuilt and invest better in such solutions, as in current trend phenomena, which soon disappear from the market.

10. Distribute fixed places!

Distribute fixed places!

If the office has been cleared out and the cleanup operation has been successful, there are only useful things in your office that are in regular use or need to be archived for legal retention periods. Now it is important to give every single object a solid and meaningful place. This task is indispensable when it comes to keeping the newly created order in the long term. If everything has its own space, it only has to be put back there after use. Constant cleaning is no longer necessary.

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Source of photographs: https://pixabay.com (Unsplash, fredericomeyer, 422737, Pexels, Unsplash – v.o.n.u.)

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