Order in an elegant design: 60 shelving programs for wardrobes!
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Order in an elegant design: 60 shelving programs for wardrobes!

Shelving systems for wardrobes ensure your best comfort!

Modern and uncomplicated lifestyle needs appropriate order! Are you looking for the best storage solution? Finding the perfect wardrobe is not an easy task. Structured shelving systems for wardrobes? Yes, a great idea! Due to the clear arrangement, which allows a walk-in closet, shoes, clothes, pants, scarves and jackets are easier to recognize! They not only offer you the desired storage space, but also practical functions. What better way than to design wardrobe systems according to your own ideas? Then you are right here! Here are some simple DIY tips! Treat yourself to luxury at home!

You can easily build shelving systems for wardrobes yourself!

Build the perfect walk-in wardrobe yourself Window sliding door bedroom clothes

Shelving system for the wardrobe: Why?

Flexible, space-saving and easy to assemble: so many advantages at a glance. The adaptability of the walk-in wardrobes is undeniable. Walk-in wardrobe saves money, but also space. A custom-made shelving system for the wardrobe is suitable for all conditions, as it can be individually adapted to the width, depth and height. So could a shelving system easily turn into an open corner cupboard! Never was access to your clothes easier! A practical storage option with style, right?

Something else: Shelving systems for wardrobes could be expanded at any time to suit your mood!

Express your sense of style!

walk-in wardrobe store shoes

Luxury at home!

walk-in wardrobe with unique design stylish comfort quality luxury

You dream of a walk-in closet! Design it to your taste! How to create a chic order!

Before you decide on a walk-in closet, you should consider a few tips.

Plan first! It is important that you think about the right equipment in your dressing room. Selecting the right pieces of furniture is the first step to your desired wardrobe! Do not skip open closet systems for wardrobes if no extra room is available for your clothes. Yes, a small separate room is recommended, but the small corner in the bedroom could also be converted into a walk-in closet. But do not forget to create enough freedom of movement in front of the wardrobe. Plan an area of ​​two meters depth and a length of 2.5 meters!

Small corner should radiate cosiness!

small walk-in wardrobe itself make light shoes white

Also, consider the right type of clothing that is stored in the shelving system!

Open shelving systems for wardrobes are practical and functional!

Order in the chic design: space-saving walk-in wardrobe: so the accessories are stored properly

Make sure you have adequate ventilation and lighting! A window nearby lets natural light into the room. Too much light but could exercise harmful impact on your clothes. Therefore, think about the appropriate sun protection for the windows, so that your clothes and noble designer fabrics do not fade in the sun. So that colors are not distorted, you can also rely on daylight lamps. Attention! Light sources should be distributed on the ceiling and inside the wardrobe.

Walk-in wardrobe: room for order!

Walk-in closet drawers clothes rack shoe rack

Integrate the walk-in wardrobe right in the bedroom! Here, the back walls should be painted appropriately, so that the whole shelving system fits harmoniously into the style of living. A charming and stylish addition would be a beautiful photo wallpaper on the visible shelf sides. Depending on your wishes, sliding doors or curtains are particularly suitable. They protect against dust and complete the whole picture. You prefer open shelving systems for wardrobes? Do not worry! That’s your own decision!

Storage space that you dreamed about for a long time!

walk-in wardrobe plan open shelving ideas

These red curtains fit perfectly with the whole style of living!

walk-in wardrobe bedroom window clothes rack clothes jackets shoes chair light

A walk-in wardrobe without mirrors is hard to imagine! Do not you mean it? Stylish accents through matching pieces of furniture in the dressing room should not be underestimated either. Comfortable stool or a cushion in silver and gold give charm and elegance in a very unique way. Convince yourself! And now comes the question: Where will clothes hang? Here’s the answer: Space-saving clothes rack! On the wall, on wheels or classic: it depends only on your preferences, as all could look extravagant! A simple and practical solution, especially for the young ladies and their dresses made of fine fabrics.

Shoes, sweaters and jeans need their home!

walk-in wardrobe bedroom glass doors clothes rack light chair modern furnishings

You dream of a walk-in closet? But you do not know what to look like? Then take a look at our selected suggestions!

Walk-in wardrobe: flexible in every way!

Walk-in wardrobe: express your sense of style!

how should the perfect walk-in wardrobe look like bedroom white black shoes shelving systems

Modern walk-in closet for modern decor

how can you create walk-in wardrobe ideas yourself

top ideas walk-in wardrobe men's walk in wardrobe

Space-saving walk-in wardrobe build your own bedroom armchair scarf pillow purple

Perfect walk-in wardrobe bedroom green stool window clothes rack

order in the chic design walk-in wardrobe build your own store shoes

open shelving systems wardrobe shoes luxury home

open shelving systems walk-in wardrobe daylight lamps shoes shirt box sofa furniture pieces

Open shelving systems for wardrobes for WOW effect

open wardrobe closet walk-in wardrobe light stool carpet

open wardrobe shelving systems style purple walk-in wardrobe

open wardrobe shelving white carpet curtains

open wardrobe shelving systems planning comfort design ideas

modern wardrobe shelving systems: clothes racks, suits for men

modern furnishing walk-in wardrobe carpet chair chic smbiente

What should the perfect walk-in wardrobe look like?

make luxury at home open wardrobe shelving systems sleber

luxurious walk-in wardrobe comfort living style

Walk-in wardrobe: clothes need their home

Design a personal walk-in wardrobe according to your own preferences!

DIY walk-in wardrobe yourself build kids room set up pink

DIY walk-in wardrobe bedroom open shelving curtains

The perfect walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom window stool dresses stylish

Set up the dressing room: walk-in closet for maximum comfort

best ideas walk-in wardrobe shoe rack bags clothes rack

best ideas walk-in wardrobe bedroom dressing room

walk-in wardrobe dream scarf drawers gray style clothes rack

walk-in wardrobe yourself build great ideas walk in wardrobe

walk-in wardrobe build your own shoes store save space

Walk-in wardrobe itself build suitable pieces of furniture in the dressing room

Walk-in wardrobe build your own instructions

walk-in wardrobe bedroom open shelving systems

Walk-in wardrobe Shelving systems also for the men

walk-in wardrobe open shelving systems make bedroom furniture pieces yourself

walk-in wardrobe ideas window light inspiration living style

walk-in wardrobe stool yellow mirror

walk-in wardrobe gray metal style bedroom set up window light

walk-in wardrobe charm elegance comfort

Walk-in wardrobe also for the children: ideas for shelving systems

dressing room matching lighting walk-in wardrobe

dressing room furnishings walk-in wardrobe armchair carpet furniture garments shelf systems

Dressing room set walk-in wardrobe dresser drawers clothes rack

dressing room set up walk-in wardrobe ideas plan open shelving systems

dressing room walk-in wardrobe armchair pillow pink

IKEA walk-in wardrobe: ideas for open shelving wardrobe!

save space create order walk-in wardrobe build yourself

DIY walk-in wardrobe according to your own taste

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