Optimum humidity for a wholesome indoor local weather!
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Optimum humidity for a wholesome indoor local weather!

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Well-being in your own home is not limited to matching furniture and home accessories, which ensure your highest comfort and create a cozy atmosphere. Another factor that contributes to your well-being is that it also affects your health and is firmly attached to the right room temperature. This major factor is actually often underestimated by many residents. If you notice mold on the wall or feel ill often, you should think about the humidity in your home. Yes exactly. It is about the optimum humidity in all rooms of your apartment. Find out more about the ideal humidity here. Continue reading!

Optimum humidity ensures the ideal living environment!

relative humidity in living rooms living room dehumidifier design

What does it mean?

The term refers to the water content in the form of vapor in the ambient air. The higher the moisture content in the air, the faster the mold can settle. So that mold growth is hardly possible, the humidity should be below 30%. Since a 30% room humidity is harmful to your health, a compromise is the best option. The optimum humidity is therefore at a room temperature of 20 degrees at 50%.

Ideal humidity for your best well-being!

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Too dry air is just as harmful as too humid air. Finding the right humidity in the apartment is therefore a must. Do you know that humidity does not have to be the same for every living area? The use of space plays a decisive role here. What is the ideal humidity in each room? Here are a few key facts to consider:

The temperature in the living rooms is ideally 20 degrees. These include living rooms, guest rooms and children’s rooms. The ideal humidity in living spaces is therefore between 40% and 60%.

What helps with bad humidity?

optimal humidity in rooms humid flowers dehumidifier

Since one feels the humidity pleasantly when showering and bathing, the moisture content of the air in the bathroom may be higher.

The kitchen has a higher humidity. Why is it so? As water vapor gets into the air during cooking and rinsing, the moisture is naturally much higher there.

Humidity in the kitchen is higher!

optimum humidity in rooms kitchen humidity

In contrast to the other living rooms, the humidity in the bedroom should be slightly lower, so that sleep disturbances are avoided.

Healthy humidity even in the bedroom!

optimal humidity bedroom

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers are a great option!

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For the sake of health you should create an ideal indoor climate. To help you get the most out of the humidity, keep the following in mind.

Enjoy cozy atmosphere by creating optimal humidity!

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In winter you should ventilate regularly, at least twice a day for five to ten minutes! This also applies to rain or fog. Depending on your wishes, you can rely on indoor plants that really improve the living environment. So that the humidity is constantly monitored, it is recommended that you measure the humidity. Humidifiers or dehumidifiers are a good alternative if the humidity in the room is too low or too high.

Optimum humidity improves the indoor climate!

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optimal humidity in rooms best well-being

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Avoid optimal hibernation in clearing mold

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