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Ombre hair coloring: fashionable nuances + helpful suggestions

Sombre Babylights caramel hair color

Do you want a new, modern hairstyle for fall? Then we have a wonderful proposal for you – Ombre hair! They are an absolute hit at the moment and can easily be done at home. Below we give you some practical tips and information, which are the hottest nuances you can choose. Enjoy reading!

Ombre effect vs. Balayage technique

Balayage costs short hair

Balayage blond long hair

Ombre Look Balayage blond brown medium-long hair

Balayage long hair modern look

papinting hair balayage technique

blond strands balayage short hair

Balayage technique long hair blonde

Ombre brown blonde lace long hair

What is Ombre Hair? So actually the lightening of the tips is called at a darker hairline. In between, you create a smooth transition, where the darker part of the hair reaches down to the ears. The visual effect that results at the end is very interesting and reminiscent of the surf girl whose hair tips bleach naturally due to the sun. However, one should not confuse the ombre effect with the so-called “balayage technique”, which uses at least two lighter shades. The strands are made with a brush very fine, you start at the height of the ears and strives again to create even transitions. Very popular recently is the so-called “Tiger Hair”, which is a successful combination of brown, bronze and gold tones. The experiments with the Balayage technique at home rarely lead to success – if you are hoping for a great result, you should go to the barber.

Ombre Look: great ideas for modern hairstyles

Ombre look long hair curly

Ombre brown blonde hair tips

Ombre blond nuance cream bling gorgeous look

Sombre hair dyeing modern look

blond strands ombre look caramel blond

Ombre hair can actually wear any woman – they fit every skin color, face shape and haircut! The choice of nuances is also a matter of taste – you could choose both for a harmonious color gradient, as well as for contrasting colors. The most important condition is the clean-cut hair tips, because broken hair and split ends would give your hairstyle an unkempt look. In principle, the hue for which you choose should be one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color. Instead of the tips, you could also dye the hairline brighter – this is called “reverse ombre” and it also looks very modern and chic. You can apply the chosen color either with a brush (this variant is a bit more difficult) or simply brush it into the hair with an old brush. In addition, you will need some aluminum foil to fix the dyed hair, a hair clip and an old towel that you should put around your shoulder. Read on to find out how to make beautiful Ombre hair at home!

Hair dyeing ombre: how does that work?

Hair Ombre inspiring ideas

Painting hair reverse ombre

Hair ombre babylights Jessica Alba

Hair Ombre modern look

beautiful hair colors Blond Ombre

If you’ve got everything you need, you can start dyeing! Comb your hair well, divide off the top hair above the ears, tie it into a braid and put it up with the hair clip. Then pull a center parting at the back of the head and put the two Haarpartien over the shoulder. Apply the desired shade to your hair tips and use a comb to spread the color slightly upwards, giving you a smooth transition between the two nuances. Next you should wrap the colored tips in aluminum foil, then loosen the hair clip and repeat the same process with the top coat. Allow the color to work as long as necessary, then rinse well with lukewarm water. Already finished!

Hip and beautiful hair colors – Ombre look

Hair ombre pink lace

beautiful hair colors violet ombre look

Painting hair ombre look dark green lace

Painting hair ombre look red hairline blonde lace

Painting hair beautiful hair colors gray

Balayage technique beautiful hair colors violet

If the modern look of the hairstyle is particularly important to you, you should of course choose a trendy shade for the hair tips. Lately gray and ash blonde are in vogue. The same goes for pastel pink and dark purple, but these colors would give your hairstyle a very extravagant look, which is not desirable in some jobs. So you should also think about this aspect before dyeing. The combination of blond lace and dark red hairline is very successful – take a look at the photos for more inspirational ideas!

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