Nice wall design concepts for the kitchen, the lounge and bed room
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Nice wall design concepts for the kitchen, the lounge and bed room

Living room wall hangings Ombre effect

For the new year are you planning to renovate the apartment? Start with the wall design! Because only the change of wall color alone could change the whole atmosphere in the room and make it look bigger or smaller, lighter or darker, duller or happier. In this post we’ll tell you which wall colors and finishes are most up-to-date, and give you some great design ideas for your kitchen, bedroom and living room that you’d fall in love with! The photos below can also be used as a role model or source of creative ideas. We hope you enjoy reading!

Modern wall design living room

Living room wall design neutral colors

Wall design ideas make your own living room

Wall painting living room accent wall painting

Wall decoration ideas living room wallpaper with gradient

Wall frame wallpaper stripe pattern living room

Living room wall stone paneling

Wall decor living room gorgeous wallpaper cappuccino

Living room wall paneling wood

Living room ideas wall design modern

As I said, wall design plays a crucial role in the atmosphere in every room. Of course, this also applies to the living room, which is the face of every apartment – there you spend most of your time with your family and you also invite guests. That’s why it pays to take a little more time to make the walls fresh and modern. You have a lot of different possibilities, but most important is that the wall design is in agreement with the device, so you get a harmonious overall picture at the end. The simplest option is, of course, to paint the walls in color of your choice. But not only your personal preferences are important, because each color has its own effect on the mood and the atmosphere, and fits the particular style of furnishing. The neutral tones of white, cappuccino, pearl and silk gray are the perfect backdrop for an imaginative, colorful décor. They create a pleasant, homely atmosphere and are typical of the Scandinavian decor. The warm nuances of sun yellow, light orange and earth brown radiate cosiness and simply go perfectly with the country house style, while cool colors such as violet and dark blue can be combined well with modern decor in a minimalist style. A real eye-catcher in the living room would be an accent wall with wood or natural stone cladding. Very modern lately are the two-tone wallpapers with gradient, as well as this with abstract, geometric patterns.

Bedroom ideas wall design

Bedroom ideas wall design upholstered wall panels

Wall painting ideas bedroom neutral colors 3D wall panels

Walls frame bedroom 3D wall panels

Wall decoration Ideas bedroom high gloss panels

Mural Ideas Make Themselves Mural Bedroom

Wall framing bedroom lit panels

Bedroom ideas wall decoration colorful wallpaper

Bedroom ideas wall decoration accent wall concrete look

wall design ideas great photo wallpaper bedroom

The color scheme in the bedroom should have a calming effect, so you should avoid nuances like bright red and orange, as well as too dark tones. The best variant is actually neutral colors and all subtle pastel shades, but that does not mean that you can not put any attractive accents in the wall design. A highlight in the bedroom are the original photo wallpapers and the walls with textured plaster. The 3D wall panels, which create interesting visual effects, as well as the panels, which are illuminated from behind, are really in demand. And last but not least, the lighting in the bedroom is also very important because it enhances the great wall design much better. See the photos above to get more inspiring ideas!

Wall design kitchen – great design ideas for re-styling

Wall painting pattern kitchen pastel colors

Wall design ideas kitchen mosaic tiles

Wall decoration itself make blackboard kitchen

Wall design kitchen modern wall panels 3D optics

Wall shape kitchen marble tiles

Wall design ideas make your own kitchen brick wall

Wall decoration ideas kitchen great color accents

Wall design kitchen great back wall made of colored glass

Walls shape kitchen back wall photo wallpaper

Since the modern kitchen equipment is usually decided in neutral colors, it is worthwhile that you make the walls a bit more colorful. Red, yellow and orange are ideal for the kitchen because they stimulate your appetite. The delicate pastel colors would also create a cozy atmosphere in this room, as they fit very well with the tile mirror and the shiny kitchen fronts. A great idea that you could try out yourself is to make an accent wall with colored glass – it does not just look super original, it’s also the perfect splash guard! The backs with photo motif are particularly modern, and with an untreated red brick wall your kitchen would look much more comfortable. The 3D wall panels, which give the interior a futuristic Loom, are also very trendy. Let your imagination run wild to get a unique result! We wish you lots of fun and success with the wall design of the kitchen, the bedroom and the living room!

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