Nice Rockabilly Tolle: 19 Pin Up Hairstyles for DIY
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Nice Rockabilly Tolle: 19 Pin Up Hairstyles for DIY

The 50’s are back! Not just with rock and fashion, but with pin up hairstyles. The rockabilly hair will never go out of fashion. Actually, the entire pin-up style. This mix of eroticism and playfulness, without showing naked bodies, can never be achieved today. And if you combine this look with waves, that really smells of romance. Almost every woman turns her hair at home herself. But as you make these beautiful and stylish pin up hairstyles yourself, we give you the most important tips and steps. All you need for these rockabilly hairstyles is a simple curling iron, hairpins and hairpins, a hairbrush and hairspray.

Pin Up Hairstyles: the great Tolle

Pin Up Hairstyles Great

pin-up frisuten-great

The Tolle is a real Pin Up hairstyle from the 50s, but still looks really rocking today. With a cool hairband you get a nice and everyday vintage look. The hairstyle is also functional – it holds the hair back together. First, divide the hair into a center parting and toast well. Wrap the hair so that a small loop can be formed. Roll up now! Stick the snails with clips and fix with hair spray. Finished!

Victory Rolls bring volume

PIn Up Hairstyles Victory Rolls

The secret to proper Pin Up hairstyles is Victory Rolls. You can arrange your roles in different ways. One of the most typical elements of rockabilly hairstyles is the short, round bangs, also called “Betty Bang”. This is the largest today Trend. And now the tutorial! Create a strict part in the center and divide the hair in three parts: right, left and back. Take the ends and start rolling to the head. Do not forget the hair spray! You can only create more volume with Toupieren. Toup the base interior of the hair from the neck down. The conclusion: of course again with hair spray. For the perfect look for the next Tiki Party, put a white orchid, which you can clasp on a side with Kl√§mmerchen in the hair.

Waves are the key to Pin Up hairstyles

pin-up hairstyles-curly

If you are a classic, just make curls in the evening! Attach them with clips and when you get up the next day, you become a rock star! Do not forget the hair fixer here too. Take a streak and wrap it around your finger and turn it in the direction of the head until the streak lies flat against the scalp. The good thing about the style – it is great for short and long hair and looks romantic, as well as neutral and everyday.

You can do the pin up hairstyles yourself in a crazy way. Use our ideas and tutorial as inspiration!

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