Nice concepts and appropriate supplies for balcony paneling
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Nice concepts and appropriate supplies for balcony paneling

Balcony covering fabric screen

The balcony cladding has two important functions – on the one hand it serves as weather and wind protection, on the other hand it transforms the balcony into a pleasant, private place, where one is protected from unwanted foreign glances. In this article you will find some inspiring and modern ideas for balcony cladding, and you will find out which materials are best suited for this purpose. We hope you enjoy our suggestions, and hope you enjoy reading!

The modern balcony panel upgrades the façade visually

Balcony paneling stainless steel plates

Balcony cladding made of glass and aluminum

Privacy protection Balcony paneling wood

Balcony cladding made of plastic weather and privacy

Balcony cladding in colored glass

Balcony paneling modern ideas plastic

Actually, the balcony cladding has one more, not least important task – it enhances the balcony area visually and gives the facade a more attractive look. There are countless varieties of wood, metal, glass or plastic on the market that suit every home and taste, but in this post we try to make your choice easier by discussing all the pros and cons of the potential possibilities. Take a look at our photos – they could give you more inspirational ideas, and make the idea of ​​your dreamlike balcony paneling a little bit clearer. As a rule, there are two types of balcony cladding – those that are built directly on balconies (they are usually solid and solid, made of materials such as metal, wood, or glass) and those that are fixed afterwards (in most cases Bamboo, fabric or plastic). The second type of coverings are not so durable, but flexible – if you move into a new apartment, you could easily take it with you. Which variant you choose, of course, depends on whether you live in a rental apartment or in your own home. If the landlord does not agree with a permanent cladding, as this changes the facade of the building, you still have the option of a mat made of wood, bast or bamboo, which you can tie through the railing poles.

Balcony coverings made of fabric

Balcony covering fabric original

Balcony paneling fabric striped pattern Balcony cover in fabric red original look

Balcony paneling modern fabric

Balcony cover in fabric red

Balcony cover fabric yellow original look

The fabric covers are in most cases particularly sturdy, easy to clean, weatherproof, and have yet another advantage – the beautiful patterns. As already mentioned, they are also particularly easy to attach, in comparison to the massive wood or metal panels – just perfect for people with limited craftsmanship! If the beautiful look comes first for you, the fabric coverings are the right choice! On the market today there are impressive photo motifs that look very realistic. But the colorful fabric covers are not the best option when it comes to privacy. But if you live in a house where the balcony is at the back and is not exposed to strangers, they are a wonderful way to beautify the balcony area.

Balcony cladding and railings made of wood, metal or glass

Balcony paneling made of wood

Balcony cladding permanently stable metal plates

Balcony paneling wood privacy screen

Balcony cover made of metal screen

Balcony cover glass colored screen

Balcony glass paneling modern look

The wood and metal panels are particularly durable and impress with unusual constructions. But usually a professional assembly is required. The flower lovers could even have a kind of ” conservatory “Make on the balcony, by opting for a cladding made of wood and glass or glass and metal. The wood paneling looks very natural, and brings a romantic flair with it. That just makes them ideal for the facades of older homes. The metal panels are often a cheap alternative to the wood, but are not a little durable and durable. The new houses with modern facades often have balcony cladding made entirely of glass. Although these look really chic, you should do without some privacy. For this reason, the glass panels and railings are best suited for elevated balconies that are far from prying eyes. The glass as a material has another advantage – it does not limit the view from the interior to the surrounding landscape. If the good privacy and the modern look are equally important to you, you could also opt for tinted glass.

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