Naturalness is the brand new luxurious: strong wooden furnishings brings nature residence
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Naturalness is the brand new luxurious: strong wooden furnishings brings nature residence

Solid wood furniture ideas

It is also the oldest building material and the building material of the future, it has a natural charisma and it smells and looks wonderful. It is also environmentally friendly and diverse. What is the talk about? From the wood, which is experiencing a heyday in interior design. The naturalness is one of the most popular trends in the interior and the solid wood furniture is very popular with interior designers. We, the customers, also like to use natural materials to create a cozy and soothing atmosphere at home. Why the wood furniture is so in demand and how do you combine the real craftsmanship and modern aesthetics, so that you live naturally and high quality, you will learn in this article. A colorful bouquet of inspiration, breathtaking ideas with wooden furniture, as well as helpful decorating tips for every style, we have prepared for you here. Let yourself be inspired!

Why solid wood in the interior?

Solid wood furniture in modern decor

People are becoming more and more understanding of what quality means and attach more importance to the high-quality and durable furniture, preferably from characterful wood and with history. The more cool screen surfaces you have in everyday life around you, the more you have yearning for a pure nature. The solid wood furniture with its authentic charisma satisfies this passion. The innumerable properties of the wood make it so desirable and unbeatable. It is much more durable compared to other materials, stands out from the mass products and reflects the zeitgeist. From a health point of view, the essential oils in the wood strengthen the body and calm the autonomic nervous system. This applies to furniture made of solid wood – teak wood or other characteristic wood. A good example of such high quality solid wood furniture can be found on , You will find wooden furniture in various styles that will suit any interior. The furnishing style shows your way of life and how much sense of tradition, design and sustainability you have. Stay true to your style and choose wood furniture that fits your home!

Solid wood furniture in shabby chic look

Solid wood furniture in shabby chic style

Who says the wooden furniture should always be white? Using a manufacturing technique, the wood is worked out so that it can get a casual and rough look. The surface is painted in velvety white and the solid wood furniture gets a feminine and delicate appearance that can be perfectly combined with the used look. Teak wood is not painted on the other side because it fascinates with its natural charm. This is how the Shabby Chic furniture With their impressive aesthetics, individuality and beautiful traces of time, they tell their own story and become an eye-catcher in their own home!

Solid wood in the modern interior – opposites attract

Solid wood furniture combined with metal create a wonderful ambience

Solid wood furniture is the perfect choice when setting up a country house apartment or a rustic home. The two styles are characterized by coarse wood with an authentic look – the opposite of smooth and simple finishes and minimalist furniture in a modern style. But if you prefer a modern and informal look at the same time, you can rely on the motto – “opposites attract!” Take a look at the picture above and see for yourself – the new trend is a combination of modern and classic. The beauty of the massive and noble tree wood is underlined by stainless steel legs. By playing with contrasts, every piece of furniture is unique!

Solid wood in the bathroom is no longer a no-go, but an eye-catcher!

Solid wood furniture in the bathroom

Play with contrasts to create a coherent overall picture!

Solid wood furniture in a minimalist style

“A home is not just a place, it’s a wonderful feeling!” We hope to have aroused your interest in solid wood furniture and to have helped you with our valuable tips to help you create a home of harmony and coziness!

Solid wood furniture in a minimalist style

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