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Nation type kitchen – Fashionable meets romance and custom

Kitchen country style

The country house style combines the cosiness and the good craftsmanship to an incomparable kitchen style. The sturdy workmanship and the natural materials like wood and stone are significant for a kitchen country style. A kitchen in the country house style exudes a very special peace and coziness. The possibilities are countless – from simple and simple to luxuriously decorated solid wood, depending on taste and budget. But more and more people are keen to make their kitchen more individual and appealing, as the kitchen is a space where family and friends meet.

Kitchen country style – the heart of the house

Baroque meets Rural - fabulous combination

Solid materials and noble details are the key features of the kitchen country style. The country kitchens do not need to run after trends. It is taken what nature has to offer. From this the perfect, functional kitchen in the country house style can develop, which emanates coziness and is exceptional and far away from the fitted kitchen.

Simple facade – noble behind it

Country kitchen with green accents

Behind the simple facade hides something special. The main materials in a country-style kitchen are wood, metal and fabric. This can be done incredibly much. Noble woods such as cherry or walnut are very popular or also softwoods, which are trimmed by brushing on vintage. Modern drawer mechanisms that ensure soft-close and full extension. Worktops can be made of natural stone, Mramor or granite, as well as metal such as zinc or brass. Even tiled worktop is very suitable for a kitchen in country style. Special cabinets such as a pharmacy cabinet or a hidden cutlery drawer add a luxurious touch to the sturdy materials. Nostalgic handles or self-designed and unusual decorative elements bring additional well-being in the room.

Country kitchen to feel good

You can make your own deco stuff using natural materials or turn old things into highlights with decoupage technique. Beautiful chair cushions bring a little more mood and style in the room, because they may be colorful and flowery or discreet in pastel colors, designed to fit the overall picture of the kitchen. The main thing is that the ambience corresponds to the user’s idea and provides the necessary cooling effect.

Granny’s kitchen shabby chick

Country kitchen - retro style

Solid wood kitchen in country style

Romantic country kitchen in pastel colors

Bright rustic country kitchen in white

Pure Romatink - Country-style kitchen

cool country kitchen - simple and modern

Mediterranean country kitchen - great combination of colors

Modern country kitchen made of wood

Country style kitchen suits every apartment

Country kitchen - dark wood for more warmth and coziness

Fabulous country-style cuisine with chic accents

Chic romantic kitchen in country style

Simple country-style kitchen made of dark wood

Mediterranean country-style kitchen in combination with stone

Pastel kitchen in country style- Great combination with stones

Baroque country kitchen - Modern equipment meets tradition and romance

Modern and green - great kitchen in country style

Discreet kitchen in country style

Robust kitchen in country style

Chic wooden - country-style kitchen

Light blue country kitchen - Fantastically beautiful

Rustic and chic-small kitchen in country style

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