Napkins folding concepts for the very best child bathe
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Napkins folding concepts for the very best child bathe

Techniques for napkins Wrinkles that are not time consuming

Do you dream of organizing the best baby shower for your child? The right decoration can make your dream come true. This article will help you to fulfill the dream of the perfect Baby Shower Party. The folding of napkins is your desired wow effect that spice up the party. Finish the search for the folding instructions for napkins, because we can see the simplest techniques for napkins folding, which are not time consuming compiled in this article. As your table decoration reaches a stylish appearance that all guests envy you. Discover the featured folding techniques, which include the baby dress, the shirt, the boat and the butterfly, and be inspired!

The preparation phase: choosing the right materials for napkins folding

Decorate in style: ideas for napkins folding

If you want to create a stunning table decoration with the help of well-folded napkins, you should pay attention to the choice of napkins. The standard size of a napkin is 33 x 33 cm. It would be better if you find larger napkins. Opt for either patterned, embossed or plain napkins to buy. Usually the patterned or plain napkins will fold better than the embossed napkins and motif napkins. After you have found the napkins you want, make sure that the napkins are colored both inside and out. To prevent white edges from wrinkling while napkins. The beautifully folded napkins enhance the visual ambience and ensure the good mood of the guests.

Instructions for the baby gown folds

Instructions for paper folding

The baby dress shape is especially popular with women and it is considered the face of decoration for a baby shower. That’s why we start with the instruction for the baby dress napkin folds. The steps are simple, but the result looks overwhelming. Make sure that the baby dresses can not be unfolded to be used as normal napkins. Baby Shower napkins are a good idea if they are only used as decoration.

  1. Open the left and right ends of the napkin to the center break.
  2. Fold it up again.
  3. Cut a triangle so that the sleeves are formed.
  4. Cut another triangle that creates a collar.
  5. Stick a loop on.

Instructions for the shirt wrinkles

Unravel the mystery of the shirt wrinkles

Another eye-catcher on the banquet table is a napkin that is folded like a shirt. This is a surprise for all guests who first have to think about using this nicely folded napkin as a simple napkin. Although the result looks fancy, the tutorial is quite easy to copy. This table decoration is perfect for a baby shower or a children’s birthday party. Our recommendation is that you choose printed paper with beautiful patterns.

  1. Lay diagonally the unfolded napkin on the table.
  2. Fold all four tips of the napkin to the middle.
  3. Fold the two sides of the square to the middle break.
  4. Capsize the napkin.
  5. Fold 1/5 down from the top edge.
  6. Caps the napkin again.
  7. Bend the top two ends of the napkin to the center break.
  8. Fold a deeper at the middle triangle to the right outside. Similarly, fold to the left.
  9. Fold the bottom edge up as shown in the photo.

Photo guide for the ship folding

Shuttles fold as a pro

This guide is a bit harder to imitate but not unattainable. It would be better if you look at this technique with thicker ones folding paper to prepare. Typically, these forms of folded napkin are particularly well suited not only for a baby shower, but also for birthday, baptism, wedding, etc. If you put this folded napkin in the form of a ship on the dining table, the decoration leaves a deep impression. Read our guide to folding the ship to create this beautiful table decoration.

Photo guide for the butterfly folds

Step by step: to fold a butterfly

The well-folded butterfly is a real eye-catcher on the festive dining table. Follow the steps from our photo tutorial to give your table top a stylish look. The butterfly made of folded napkin is always a particularly beautiful addition to the decoration, which is suitable for any occasion.

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