Napkins fold water lily: directions and 25 artistic concepts
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Napkins fold water lily: directions and 25 artistic concepts

A celebration is always associated with a table full of variety and a happy mood. The table decoration creates the festive atmosphere at the table, so that is an important element of the celebration. The napkins look splendid and festive and have a charming charisma. And when this season is, when nature blossoms, the water lilies will bloom too. Very simple and delicate flowers that will bring romance in your home. And how about this romantic atmosphere served right in your plates? With our instruction for napkins folding water lily this is possible!

Napkins fold water lily – for every occasion matching decoration

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Whether for a festive family evening, wedding or why not Christmas, the napkins water lily look harmoniously placed on the plate. The napkin shape is perfect for a party favor or dessert. The water lily is folded so that you can put something sweet in the middle. Or why not a real little flower or a stone as a decoration? Just perfect!

Napkins Fold Water Lily – The Guide

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First, select the matching napkins

napkin wrinkle seerose-guide-1

Depending on the occasion and table decoration, choose the appropriate color for napkins. Wine red or green is perfect for a Christmas table. White, delicate pink or yellow are a perfect match for a wedding. We recommend using a cloth napkin, but if you prefer paper napkins, be careful when folding as they can easily rip. If you have chosen fabric, it is recommended to iron it first.

Step 1: Bring the four corners together in the middle

napkin wrinkle seerose-guide-2

Step 2: Repeat the process

napkin wrinkle seerose-guide-3

Step 3: Apply the napkin

napkin wrinkle seerose-guide-4

Step 4: And again fold the four corners to the middle

napkin wrinkle seerose-guide-5

Step 5: Here comes the more difficult, then be careful

napkin wrinkle seerose-guide-6

Step 6

napkin wrinkle seerose-guide-7

Step 7

napkin wrinkle seerose-guide-8

You have to pull all four corners from the bottom up. The other four corners fold from bottom to side, as shown in the picture. To make it easier for you, hold the napkin in the middle with your finger.

Finished! If something was unclear, we have prepared a video tutorial for you 🙂 Have fun!

napkin wrinkle seerose-guide-9

napkin wrinkle lily-of-paper napkin wrinkle seeroseaus-paper napkin wrinkle seerose-deco-off paper

napkin wrinkle seerose-colored paper napkin
napkins wrinkle seerosein-red napkins wrinkle-lily purple napkin wrinkle lily-of-flower napkin wrinkle-easter lily
napkin wrinkle seerose-paper napkin wrinkle seerose paper Idea

napkin wrinkle seerose

napkin wrinkle seerose-tischdeko

napkin wrinkle seerose-burgundy

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