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Napkins are folding at Christmas – concepts and directions

Napkins fold artfully ideas and inspirations at Christmas

Organizing the perfect Christmas usually takes a lot of effort and time. Often you feel overwhelmed and forget that just the small details create a beautiful, sociable atmosphere. These include, for example, the beautifully folded napkins on the festive table. Napkins Folding at Christmas is actually a little art in itself, so in this article, we give you some tutorials and creative ideas to draw inspiration from. We wish you a lot of fun folding and an unforgettable Christmas!

Napkins fold at Christmas – a little art in itself

Napkins fold the best ideas for Christmas

Make napkins for Christmas Make napkin rings

Napkins are folding for Christmas tree

Christmas napkins are not difficult at all, but they require a bit of imagination and creativity. Therefore, we have collected in this post great picture tutorials and ideas that can serve as a model. Because the artfully folded napkins made of cloth or paper would definitely give something to the festive Christmas table. In addition, wrinkles are fun, and your kids may want to join in as well, so they will not feel left out of their preparations for the party. It is only important that the napkins you have selected are matched with the dishes set and the tablecloth. When folding, the possibilities are endless – fir trees, stars, lotus flowers, elven boots and whatever other shapes you can think of! There are also many video tutorials on the net that make the task even easier. Folding napkins is a bit time consuming (especially if you do not have much experience with them), but the result is well worth it – look at our photos to see for yourself!

Tinker napkin ring yourself

Napkins for Christmas make homemade napkin rings

Napkins fold for Christmas DIY napkin rings loop

Napkins are folding for Christmas napkin ring berries

When folding you can not only use an interesting technique, but also various decorative elements. A good idea, for example, would be to fold the napkins like little bags in which you could put not only the cutlery but also a mistletoe or fir branch. Another great option is to make a napkin ring yourself. Different materials can be used for this purpose – bows, bracelets, felt, paper, rhinestones, wire, pearls … It is important for the harmonious overall impression at the end that the materials are matched with the color of the napkins. Shades such as deep red, white, and fir green are traditional for Christmas, but the choice of colors is above all a matter of taste.

Napkins fold like maple leaves

Napkins fold maple leaves for Christmas

Napkins for Christmas maple leaves picture tutorial

Napkins fold down the upper corners for Christmas

Napkins fold down the top right corner for Christmas

Fold napkins for Christmas on the back

Napkins fold up the left corner at Christmas

Fold napkins for Christmas at the right corner

Napkins are folding at Christmas length

Fold napkins for Christmas with your fingers

Napkins fold to decorate the table for Christmas

The napkins look very attractive when folded in the shape of a maple leaf. Apart from napkins in any color (preferably made of fabric) you also need a napkin ring. First, you should iron the napkin smooth, spread and fold in the middle. Then fold down the upper left and right corners of one half, creating a triangle. Carefully turn the napkin over, being careful not to mess things up. On the back you should fold down the top of the napkin. Now fold the two lower corners – but this time upwards. The final step is to fold the napkin in evenly spaced increments (as shown in the photos above). Hold everything firmly by hand and when you are satisfied with the shape, fix the forked napkin with the ring. Now you are ready to decorate the festive table!

Napkins fold at Christmas – the little details create the atmosphere

Napkins are folding at Christmas Bilderanleitung Tannenbaum

Napkins fold for Christmas fir-tree double-sided

Napkins are folding at Christmas star

Napkins are folding at Christmas pyramid

Napkins are folding at Christmas candle

The napkins folded like Christmas tree look especially nice. There are actually different variants and above we offer you a detailed picture guide, which you can follow. The result would be really impressive if you use double-sided napkins – for example in red and green. The stars and lotus flowers are relatively easy to fold, but for some shapes, such as the candles, you should have some experience with origami. Troztdem worth the effort, because the candles look very romantic and are a real highlight on the table. We hope that our suggestions inspired you to surprise your family and guests with a beautifully decorated Christmas table!

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