Nail polish tendencies: rose quartz, marble fingernails + 20 extra concepts
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Nail polish tendencies: rose quartz, marble fingernails + 20 extra concepts

Fingernails Trend 2017

Gentle rose tones, white marble – these are the colors for your fingernails this year! Now all women only want one – nails in rose quartz! We’ll show you what the coolest nail trends are in 2017 and how you should paint your fingernails for the summer! Let yourself be inspired!

Rose quartz – this is the nail trend that is announced this year!

Rose quartz trend for long fingernails

The rose quartz is considered a healing stone and that is one of the reasons why so many women are crazy about this nail trend. And not only! The fingernails in this color look feminine, delicate and gentle. The nail design is perfect for spring and summer and is very easy to make yourself. All you need is a white nail polish and a pink nail polish. You get the rose quartz effect when you draw fine lines with the nail design brush with some white paint. Then blur with a wider brush. Watch a video tutorial on how to do it:

Wire nails are the coolest nail design trend 2017!

Nails design 2017

Nails design 2017

Only with a wire you can turn your fingernails into a real work of art. We could not believe that at first, but this is the new nail trend 2017, still called “Wire Nails”. The nail design always looks different, charms with uniqueness and is easy to create! All you need is a thin wire that you should use to put the tweezers in the desired shape on the nails. Then paint the nails with clear lacquer and let them harden under UV light. Finished!

Marble Nails – the 5-minute artwork!

Marble nail design

Not only rose quartz is the popular natural stone this year – the marble too! Marble is luxurious, especially if it conjures in black or white. And why not use the two colors. That’s all you need to make this fascinating nail polish yourself. Take a look at the manual!

Create marble effect with nail polish – Instructions

Make marble nail design yourself

Simple Elegance – Nails Baby Boomer

Fingernails baby boomer

Fingernails baby boomer

Rose Gold Nail Design – Metallic nails and mirror effect are announced

Rose Gold Nail Polish

The nail polish colors for the summer

Pink nails fingernails 2017

Yellow fingernails for the summer

Do you still need inspiration? Get ideas from our picture gallery!

Fingernails design nails pictures

Rose quartz design fingernails

Nude fingernails - Trend 2017

Marble fingernails trends

Marble Fingernails Black

Nails white design

Rose quartz fingernails

Rose quartz nail polish design

Fingernails design for the summer

3D nail design

Fingernails design itself make instructions

Fingernails Trends 2017

Fingernails 2017

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