Nail polish development 2017: These nail motifs are introduced
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Nail polish development 2017: These nail motifs are introduced

Nail motives Trends 2017

The coming New Year is looking forward to the new trendy trends 2017. This also applies to the nail polish! Every woman on the New Year’s Eve party wants to have the fashion for 2017 already on her nails. Watch the 2017 trends for nail designs and shapes to shine with new shine on the nails!

Nail Design 2017: DIY`s and experiments with nail motifs are totally announced!

Nail Design 2017 are the experiments

The best in the Nail polish trends 2017 are the DIY nail motifs. Look at the model on the right. Easy to do and a beautiful effect! All experiments are welcome! As you can see, you can combine green and blue without any problems. The 2017 trends are similar to last year, but there is a big difference. The nail design and the applications are reduced and the shapes are subtle and short. Scroll down to learn more about the shapes!

Which nail shapes are in 2017?

Nail Motives - Short Nails are Trend Nail Design 2017

Of course, the new forms come with the new year. Forget the already old-fashioned lace nails! The hip shape is oval. When talking about the length, the trendy nails are necessarily short. That’s how it works nail design both for everyday life, as well as for a party. File your nails in the shape of an almond and your fingers and hands will look younger and thinner.

The French design is at a new level

Nail motifs for another French design

Do you prefer French design , you do not need to go to the manicurist in 2017 anymore. These French nails can make you very easy at home! The nails on the first photo definitely look like DIY nail design out, but conjure up with bright colors. The white for french design has gone out of fashion for a long time. Nude is the top color for 2017. Combined with black French design , your nails will be a real eye-catcher!

Nail motifs - a unique French design for 2017

The red on the nails in 2017 has to be shiny

Needle Design 2017 - Nail Designs in Red Color

All eyes on you in the disco judge? Metallic nails are a trend!

Nail Motives - Metallic Nails Are Trend 2017

Nail Motives - Metallic Nails are Trend Nail Design 2017

The trends that remain: glitter, crystals and geometric figures

Nail Motives Design Trends 2017 are the crystals

The colors for the Spring nail design Nail motifs ombre style

Nail motifs ombre style

Nail motifs in dark design

Nail motifs geometric trends

Nail Designs Trends 2017 Metallic Nails

Nail motifs with Gliter are also Trends 2017

Nail motifs in Nude

Nail motifs in pink color

Nail motifs in bright colors

Nail Motives Trends 2017 - Form is almond

brand automotive-trend-2017-oval-shape

Nail motives Trends 2017

Nail Motives Trends 2017 - 3d Design

Nail Motives Trends 2017 -White Matt

Nail motifs in two colors

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