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Muffins for the youngsters’s birthday – four tasty and quick recipes

Muffins for the children's birthday

All children like to eat sweets, so you will never make a mistake when preparing muffins for the birthday party. Besides delicious, the muffins should also look colorful and attractive, and in this post we offer 4 delicious recipes that meet these conditions. Try these suggestions that you like the most and organize a memorable birthday party for your child!

Prepare delicious cupcakes for the birthday party

Baking for kids delicious muffins

Muffins for kids birthday delicious recipes

delicious muffins for the birthday party

Decorate baby biscuits and muffins with butter cream

Child birthday decorate muffins

Child birthday muffins with frosting

Baking for kids muffins birthday boy

Child muffins ladybug

Muffins for kids boy birthday party

Child birthday muffins flower meadows

Muffins for kids birthday strawberries chocolate cream

For the basic recipe for muffins you need the following ingredients:
• 3 cups of flour
• a cup of sugar
• 1 ½ cup of milk
• ½ cup Ӧl
• an egg
• a packet of baking soda
• a packet of vanilla sugar
Simply mix all the ingredients to a smooth, lump-free dough, fill into muffin molds and bake at 180 ° C for about 15-20 minutes. To dough you can also add cocoa powder or berries and other fruits to taste. Depending on the theme of the party you can decorate the finished muffins with Butercreme or icing, which can also be colored as desired. For this purpose, you could either use food colors or natural colorants – from carrots, for example, you can win orange, from red beets – red or pink, from cocoa powder – brown, from spinach – green, from pumpkin – yellow, etc.

Decorate muffins for the birthday party as a Cookie Monster

Muffins for the kids birthday Cookie Monster

Baking with children Muffins Cookie Monster

Muffins for kids Cookie Monster

Muffins for kids birthday Cookie Monster

To decorate the finished muffins as a Cookie Monster, you need the following (for 24 muffins):
• 12 chocolate biscuits, halved
• 2 cups powdered sugar, sieved
• 100g butter
• blue food coloring
• 48 Schkotröpfchen
• 50g marzipan, white
• 2 tablespoons of milk
• a packet of vanilla sugar
For the eyes, make 48 small globules of marzipan, and use your fingers to press a chocolate drop into each ball. For the pour, creamy beat with the blender the butter, icing sugar, vanilla sugar, milk and blue food coloring. Fill the jar with a spritzer bag and decorate the muffins. Then use a sharp knife to cut a mouth in each muffin. Stick your eyes and put a bisected biscuit in your mouth. Finished!

Frog Prince Muffins for the children’s birthday

Child muffins frog prince recipe

Baking with children Muffins Frog

Muffins Kids Birthday Recipe Frog Prince

Muffins for the children's birthday Frog Prince

For 12 muffins you need the following:
• 200g wheat flour
• 100g of sugar
• 2 eggs
• 150g butter
• a packet of vanilla sugar
• a Pächen baking powder
• 5 tablespoons of milk
For decoration:
• 25g dark chocolate
• 24 baking wafers
• 3 tablespoons of water
• 150g powdered sugar
• Yellow and green food coloring
Set the oven to 180 ° C, and mix all the ingredients for the dough with the blender for about 2 minutes. Use a spoon to fill the dough into 12 paper cups and bake for about 25 minutes. To decorate the muffins, melt the chocolate in a water bath. Cut 12 baking wafers in the middle. Put the chocolate in a sachet and paint a dot on each semicircle. From the remaining wafers, cut 12 tusks with the help of a sharp knife. Stir the powdered sugar with the water until you get a thick frosting. Color a tablespoon of it yellow, and coat it with the crowns. Color the remaining frosting green and spread it on the muffins. On every muffin you should stick a crown and two eyes. Finally, paint a mouth with the rest of the chocolate.

Decorate muffins as fish

Child birthday muffins bake

Child muffins are baking fish

Muffins for the kid's birthday decorated as fish

Kids biscuits and muffins bake birthday

Muffin recipe child birthday fish

To decorate 12 muffins, you need the following ingredients:
Icing (can be made from 150g icing sugar and 3 tablespoons of water)
• chocolate in different colors (best M & Ms)
Brush the muffins with the frosting. On one side of each muffin you put 2 red or pink chocolate lips as a mouth and a black one as an eye, and on the other side – 3 chocolate as a caudal fin. Then place chocolate in different colors as scales in rows. And done!

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