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Marriage ceremony Sayings for Playing cards – 40 Inspirational Concepts

Wedding sayings for cards

Your friends marry soon, and you want to wish you all the best for the wedding? Then you are right here! In this article you will find the best wedding sayings for cards – both romantic, as well as funny and reflective. The photos below might also give you some creative ideas for the look of the greeting card. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

The best wedding sayings for cards

Wedding wishes

Wedding sayings for cards greeting card gorgeous look

Marriage is a pretty thing, but it takes a bit long; Therefore, only the one who feels himself at the time of entering into this relationship can be satisfied by qualities which are permanent.

short love spells wedding

Love is not a solo. Love is a duet. If it fades at one, the song falls silent.

Luck sayings

beautiful sayings wedding

But man is an imperfect thing. He has to find a second one to be happy.

Sayings luck wedding

Guest book wedding sayings

The man is only properly married when he understands every word his wife has not said.

Wedding invitation text

One is happily married, if one comes home rather than leaves.

Wedding card

Wedding sayings for cards

Marrying is a wonderful thing, as long as it does not become a habit.

Sayings for life wedding

Marriage is and remains the most important journey of discovery that man can undertake.

Love sayings wedding

Experience teaches us that love is not just looking at each other but looking in the same direction.

all the best for the wedding

Wedding sayings for cards – contemplative and romantic

beautiful sayings love wedding

If we want to preserve the light in the marriage, we also have to accept the shadow.

Congratulation wedding

Love means finding oneself in the other and then growing together.

beautiful short sayings wedding

great sayings wedding

Two hearts that have found each other can not separate anything. They become common travelers in eternity.

Write wedding card

Marriage is a long carpet that you weave together. You choose yarn in your favorite color, you use patterns that you like, and when you’ve gone your own way together, you look back together at the most wonderful work ever created, and watch the grandchildren play.

Wishes for the wedding

The wingbeat of a butterfly does not come close to the tenderness that a loving couple encounters.
In a married life there may well be some things, be it money, work, travel or friends. But at one, there should always be an inexhaustible supply – of love for one another.

Quotes wedding

Love is a fabric that nature has woven and embroidered the imagination.

beautiful sayings life wedding

beautiful saying wedding

Wedding Sayings for Cards – Funny Ideas

Best wishes for your wedding

You can travel the world, read through libraries, parachute out of a helicopter, swim the English Channel, steal a hive, or go to a department store on a Sunday in Advent – none of this equals the wonderful extreme experience that awaits you in marriage ,

best sayings wedding funny

Wedding saying

You know, we live in the age of abbreviations. “Marriage” is the short form for the Latin “Errare humanum est” – “To err is human”.

Marriage sayings funny

Charles Darwin took a large piece of paper and painted on it a vertical and a horizontal. On the left he noted “marrying”, on the right he noted “not marrying”. Among the advantages he noted “Sweet home, charm of female chatting, to be well looked after.” Under “Do not marry! he wrote “Loss of time, many disturbances, compulsion to earn money.” Below that he drew a balance and wrote: “There are many happy slaves.” And Charles Darwin married.

Wedding card text Golden Wedding

profound sayings wedding

Love is as uncomplicated as a vehicle. The only problem is the drivers, the passengers and the road.
The marriage is like a cage: you can see the birds flapping desperately outside to get in, and the inside want to get out with the same desperation.

Reminder sayings diamond wedding

A kiss is the best way to keep your mouth shut.

good luck sayings wedding

The man is not the most important thing to marry, but the courage.

Wedding saying card

There are two periods in which a man does not understand a woman: before the wedding and after the wedding.

Sayings for life wedding

It is much easier to die for a loved one than to live with her.

Lucky sayings wedding

End of life with 3 letters? – “Marriage”.

Future sayings wedding

If a man decides to marry, that is perhaps the last decision he could make.

Wedding sayings for cards funny

Text for wedding card

Heart sayings wedding funny

Anyone who marries can share the concerns he did not have before.

Wedding guest book

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