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Marriage ceremony napkins – 27 trendy concepts

white wedding napkins

On the best day of your life, your own wedding, everything should be perfect. Clothing, organization and not last decoration. If you want your guests to feel comfortable on the table and sit in a cozy atmosphere, then do not forget the table decoration. Wedding napkins are also part of it, a subtle inseparable detail at every wedding. If you attach great importance to the style, then we have some suggestions for you, which wedding napkins you could choose!

Wedding napkins for magical moments
wedding napkins discreetly

Different variants of wedding napkins
decent wedding napkins

wedding napkins stylish

wedding napkins discreet

sweet wedding napkins

wedding napkins garish

wedding napkins undemanding

simple wedding napkins

wedding napkins nice

wedding napkins red

wedding napkins creative

wedding napkins interesting

wedding napkins different

wedding napkins purple

Stylish wedding napkins are an integral part of any wedding. They are considered by some people more as a work of art, rather than as part of the event. Depending on the type of wedding, there are also different variations and combinations of wedding napkins. Some weddings are more subtle and not so demanding. Therefore it fits rather discreet and simple decoration with napkins in lighter colors. Others, on the other hand, are pretty gorgeous, they want to attract attention and expect lavish decorations with more brilliance. For such occasions, the darker glaring colors are particularly appropriate to more easily enchant the eyes of the guests. For example, when it comes to a sea wedding, it would not be fitting to put napkins in red or purple on the table. It would be advisable to choose wedding napkins with marine motifs for this type of wedding.

Decoration of wedding napkins decorated wedding napkins

decorated wedding napkins

wedding napkins original

simple wedding napkins

decent wedding napkins

wedding napkins purple

wedding napkins cream

wedding napkins colorful

folded wedding napkins

wedding napkins gorgeous

wedding napkins stylish

simple wedding napkins

lavish wedding napkins

As mentioned above, it is of great importance in what kind of occasion you want to transform your wedding. Depending on the occasion, the motifs for the table decoration are also chosen. Wedding napkins can be decorated differently – with small or large stones on it, with pearls, with a ribbon in the middle and so on. Some are even folded in interesting shapes – in the form of a bouquet, ring, tulip or flower vase and much more. These shapes are effective and could really charm guests on the table. In addition, it matters what fabric you choose for the napkins. Tip: Table napkins fit perfectly with flowers of all kinds or with small / large candles and create a cozy and romantic atmosphere, whether the wedding is subtle or magnificent, so you can really feel comfortable on the most beautiful day in your life!


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