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Maritime furnishings – 25 inspiring inside design concepts

Whether you live near the sea or not, maritime furniture can bring a fresh touch to your own four walls. The maritime furnishing style, which is very trendy lately, is inspired by the beauty of the sea and at the same time radiates country house charm. In this article you will find useful information about the characteristics of the maritime institution, as well as many creative ideas that may help you. Let yourself be inspired!

Maritime furniture – characteristic features

maritime furniture dining room

Bathroom in maritime decor style

maritime furniture bar

Living room design in the maritime furnishing style

Round table made of solid wood

maritime decor nursery

maritime furniture coffee table

maritime decor cooking island

maritime furniture massive wooden chest of drawers

maritime furniture children's room furniture

If you love the sea, maritime furniture is just for you! These stylish solid wood furniture, decorated with anchor, ship-rudder and other nautical motifs, can give any room an elegant and special atmosphere. The main colors that characterize this interior design style are navy blue, white and red. The warm sand tones complete the overall picture. The classic maritime colors can also be combined particularly well with delicate pastel shades – this stylish version also underscores the playful side of this interior design style. This color scheme is complemented by massive pieces of vintage furniture. Maritime furniture is traditionally made of wood – after all, this material is still used to make boats. Even more original is when the paint of the furniture has slight cracks or the paint peels off a bit because that creates a special and authentic atmosphere. Driftwood is also suitable for the maritime furnishing style, as such furniture gives the room a rustic character.

Choose matching accessories

maritime decor bar

creative design ideas maritime furniture

Nursery design maritime style

Furnishing ideas maritime style

Living room design maritime furniture

Accents maritime furnishings

maritime furniture desk

maritime furniture wine racks

maritime furniture bedroom shell bed

maritime furniture cooking island in ship shape

The maritime furnishing style also includes all accessories that have something to do with the sea – for example, sofa cushions with nautical motifs, engraved anchors or sailing ships, decorative lighthouses, up to all sorts of animal sea bathers like starfish and beautiful fish. Stones, shells and sand, collected during your last beach walk, would complement the maritime interior in a particularly beautiful way. Nets, ropes or fabrics such as linen and cotton can also be included in the furnishings as they are reminiscent of the lives of fishermen and sailors.

Characteristic “lived-in” atmosphere

Wall unit maritime furniture

maritime furniture original shelving system

Design ideas bedroom

maritime decor bedroom

maritime furniture living room

When it comes to maritime furnishings, you should not forget something – by no means must everything be perfect. This style of furnishing is characterized by a “lived-in” atmosphere that makes it so original. Stylish breaks are also recommended – that is exactly what ensures the uniqueness of each room. So, be brave while experimenting!

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