Making Treasure Chest: Make the kids proud of our concepts!
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Making Treasure Chest: Make the kids proud of our concepts!

Treasure box DIY DIY ideas

The Christmas holidays are coming soon and you would have the opportunity to spend more time with your children. That’s why in this article, we offer you a wonderful crafting idea, with which you will certainly give pleasure to the little ones, namely – to make a treasure chest yourself! The treasure hunt is undoubtedly one of the most popular games – both the boys and the girls, which is also very funny because nobody knows what kind of treasure they are looking for – fake gold coins, chocolates, cookies and other sweets, and why not a Christmas present! We hope that you will be inspired by this article to try our own ideas! Have fun crafting!

Making Treasure Chest: Prepare your children a lot of fun!

Small treasure box made of paper

Paper treasure chest small original look

Treasure chest make and decorate great ideas

Treasure chest of cardboard big deep

Making treasure chest for kids birthday

Treasure box tinker card DIY ideas

All children love the stories for pirates and their adventures, so you’ll love the treasure hunt. The game is just perfect for the Christmas holidays, so the little ones at home is not bored. And so that everything looks as authentic as possible, it would be great to make a treasure chest yourself. Different materials can be used for this – wood, aluminum, old, useless boxes, felt, modeling clay, but the easiest and fastest way to do it is with paper and cardboard, so you can offer some creative craft ideas below. And if you decorate the homemade treasure chest with colored pencils, pearls, etc., the children would simply be fascinating! We wish you lots of fun with our ideas, and hope you enjoy them very much!

Treasure chest yourself – practical tips

Crafting ideas Treasure box Egg box

Crafting ideas simply treasure chest shoe box

Treasure chest made from fabric and cardboard huge

DIY treasure box tinker old cardboard packaging instructions

Treasure box craft DIY ideas shoe box

Treasure chest tinker cardboard gorgeous look

In the stories of pirates, the treasure chests are usually made of wood and have a large lock that can only be opened with a matching key. However, to work wood is a complicated task that requires certain skills, so it would be much better to use a finished box of the appropriate size – made of wood and why not plastic or cardboard. All types of old packaging are actually suitable for this – you can, for example, spice up an empty egg box, fill it with sweets, and hide it in the home or in the garden. For this purpose you should only dye the box from the inside and outside in brown to imitate the wood look. Decorate the lid with golden stripes and paint a few screws with a black pen. Finally, you could also paint the box’s closure in gold to imitate the lock of a real scat box (see the photos above for a more accurate idea of ​​the outcome). The box can also be covered with some tissue paper or felt – so it would look even better! In this case, the treasure could consist of “golden” coins, which are also very easy to make yourself. For this you should simply cut cardboard in a round shape and paint in gold. A very realistic look would get the coins if you decorate them with some 3D color. This is done by first drawing figures and symbols on the cardboard with the 3D color (for example skulls, initials, etc.), then allowing the coins to dry overnight and painting gold the next day.

Hide the finished treasure chest well

Treasure chest just make paper bags

Wooden treasure chest decorating creative ideas

Treasure box tinker egg box coins

Treasure box tinker egg carton pirates

Treasure box made from paper template

You may also be able to fold a box of paper or cardboard yourself – there are a lot of templates on the net. A cardboard box could be bigger – just perfect for gifts! When the treasure chest is ready, all you have to do is hide it well. A great idea would be to create a map with clues or puzzles, so that the search is even more exciting. Of course, you could also hide several treasure boxes so that there is something for every child. And to make the game even funnier, invite the friends of your child / children – then the fun will be guaranteed to be twice as big!

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