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Making pompoms – making your individual smooth and comfortable pompom

Pompoms craft-paper pompoms as decoration

Pompoms are a very popular and affordable decoration that can be colorful, eye-catching and versatile at the same time. For children’s birthday, Baby Shower , Wedding or just hanging on the Christmas tree, you can make beautiful pompoms. There are also ready-made pompoms to buy that only need to be picked apart. Homemade pompoms can use paper, tulle, wool, nylon and other materials. For weddings, the paper pompoms and the tulle pompoms are a very cheap and beautiful variant for decoration, because such an event is always associated with high costs and it could be at least somewhat saved in the decoration. Be creative and try it out. We offer you some simple instructions for effective pompoms.

Paper pompoms make for a beautiful decoration

Make instructions for pompoms

For such a beautiful pompom tree, all you need is some silk paper, thread and ribbon or gift ribbon. Paper should be at least 8-10 ply per pompom. Now fold the narrower side, like a harmonica, into a strip, always smoothing the fold to make it perfect. The width of the fold is related to the size of the paper sheet. Kick the folded strip and put the two ends together. The crease in the middle is carefully cut in from both sides so that the middle stays tight and can be tied. Then wrap the ribbon around the middle 2 times and knot well, otherwise the pompom goes apart. So, we have a strip with ribbon and want to make the pompom shape. Simply cut the two ends round or pointed. Now the pages are fanned out and gradually the paper layers are carefully picked. After we have made a pompom, the next ones are done very fast and the tree can be decorated. Depending on the shape of the ends, the pompoms will also be different. The rounded tips make it look like a flower. Another variant is if you cut Franzen on the longer side. This results in a fluffy pompom.

Make bath mat from pompoms

For the sweet pompoms bath you need wool and a piece of non-slip mat according to your wishes. If you do not have the pompom tool, you can alternatively make a wire frame from a hanger. So that’s easy. Just wrap the wool around the frame. Then tie with wool yarn about the same distance, so that form small “sausages”. Then cut each “sausage” in the middle, so that on both sides of the tied place the wool threads have the same length, do not forget, wool yarn stays longer for tying on the mat. Then the resulting pompoms should be “styled” until they look nice and fluffy and round.

Craft pompom carpet yourself

After preparing many pompoms, take the anti-slip mat and tie the finished pompoms tightly together. If you have prepared pompoms in different colors, you can design and pattern your rug according to your own wishes. The shape is also entirely up to your taste. You can also cut out the anti-slip mat in heart shape, so you will conjure up a heart pompom bath mat.

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