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Making jewellery as a small present: concepts and directions

Crafting ideas jewelry necklaces

Making jewelry is not only a creative and meaningful activity for your free time – it has a certain magic that you should feel for yourself! Therefore, in this post we offer you some great crafting ideas and instructions for fantastic jewelery that you can wear as well as give to your lover. We hope you enjoy our suggestions and wish you lots of fun and success in crafting!

Home-made jewelry – the ideal gift for every occasion

DIY jewelry make great rings

DIY jewelry made of wire creative ideas

Craft ideas jewelry earrings

Crafting ideas Jewelry Rng made of wire

DIY jewelry rings old cutlery

Jewelry tinker necklace made of wire

The self-made jewelry pieces are unique accessories that can give any outfit an original, impressive touch. The great rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings make a personal gift for any occasion and are the perfect surprise for your mother, sister or a dear friend. They are also very easy to imitate and without much time and money, so the idea is ideal for craft novice. All the necessary materials – aluminum wire, jewelry pliers, glue, beads, ribbons, modeling clay – can be found in the hobby shop, but the most important thing is your own creativity and imagination. Take a look at our suggestions and let yourself be inspired!

Making jewelry out of modeling clay

Jewelry Craft Ideas Polymer Clay Earrings

Make jewelry Ring from modeling clay

Jewelry make chains out of modeling clay

Craft ideas jewelry great polymer clay earrings

Jewelry make necklaces from modeling clay

Craft Ideas Jewelry Polymer Clay Necklace

Jewelry tinker gorgeous necklace jam jar

Jewelry made by yourself Fimo bracelet

The crafting with modeling clay is not just a kid’s thing – it can create fascinating jewelry. For this purpose, the best is the polymeric clay, called “Fimo”. It can be found in almost every hobby shop, is offered in many different colors, and the work with it is really easy – you should roll out only the modeling mass, cut, shape with your hands and bake – then it is really firm and not at all brittle. One of the biggest advantages of working with polymer clay is that the clay remains very soft for a long time – if you are not satisfied with the result, you could just knead it all together and start from scratch. Modeling clay can be used to make delicate pieces of jewelery with many small and fine details that look beautiful and really sweet – look at the photos above to see for yourself!

Make stylish pearl bracelet yourself

DIY jewelry bead bracelet

DIY ideas jewelry bead bracelet

Make jewelry yourself Bracelet Blderanleitung

Jewelry tinker pearl bracelet

Do you like the idea of ​​making a stylish pearl bracelet yourself? All you need is some wire, strong glue, wire cutters and two beads in different sizes. First, you should measure the wire by wrapping it around your wrist and cut the correct length with wire cutters. Then simply fix the beads with some glue on both ends of the wire (as in the photos above) and let the bracelet dry out well. Already finished!

Wire jewelry – creative crafting ideas

Jewelry flowers made of wire crafting instructions

Jewelry DIY flowers made of wire

Jewelry make creative ideas and instructions

Jewelery Crafting ideas Flowers made of wire

Jewelry tinker bracelet with flowers

Jewelry itself make bracelet with flowers

DIY jewelry tinker hair clip decorate

Only with a little aluminum wire, nail polish and jewelry pliers, you can tinker jewelry that look like small works of art! The paint forms a thin, transparent layer on the wire, which, however, becomes very firm after drying out. Here we offer a great craft idea for bracelet with flowers, which looks very delicate and elegant. First, you should cut about 25 cm of wire and rotate its center around a ballpoint pen or pencil until a fiddle emerges. Knot the sling with your fingers and repeat the same process until you get 5 equal slaves – so the first flower is almost finished! You should make sure that the knots are not too big and stay in the center of the flowering. Then dye the flower with a little nail polish (stroke both above and below) and let it dry on kitchen paper. Make about 10-15 flowers in the same way. If you are already dry, turn your stems and wrap them in paper. Finally, make a bracelet from the wire and attach the flowers to it. Finished!

Make modern Midi rings yourself

DIY jewelry made of wire

DIY ideas make jewelry wire rings

Craft Ideas Jewelery MidiRing

Jewelry make Midi rings

The so-called “midi rings” for the fingertips are currently a hit, so we’ll show you how to make them out of wire itself. You still need wire cutters, jewelry pliers and a cylindrical object such as markers or lipstick. Cut the wire to the desired length (between 7.5 and 10 cm) and wrap it around the marker to form a spiral. Finally, you should bend only the wire ends with the pliers to a loop.

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