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Making floral arrangements yourself: 25 creative tips and ideas

DIY floral arrangements

Floral arrangements look romantic and rustic as decoration. Whether as a table decoration, in the hallway or in the office, the flower splendor expresses your sensitivity. The flowers are small or large, in light or herbaceous colors, classic-elegant or modern. You can combine according to your personal request. But how exactly? The easiest way is to go in the closest flower shop, but the floral arrangements are quite expensive. A good solution is to do it yourself. With our tips, you can create unique creations that will delight you. There is nothing more valuable than giving away a homemade ostrich.

Accentuate the charm of flower arrangements with the right vessel

Flower arrangements Rose White

The floral arrangements enchant not only with the color and romantic appearance, but with a suitable vessel. You can also use muck to stick the flowers in or give them more hold. Before use, of course, you must soak well with water. If a suitable vessel is found, the sponge is cut so that it just fills the entire vessel. For fresh flowers and leaves use green sponge. Roses and orchids catch the eye immediately, so only one glass vase is enough. If you are aiming for a vintage style, a white porcelain vase is the best solution for your flower arrangement. And why not a simple white teapot or jam jars? That will be right in country house style.

Basic knowledge for the flowers

Floral arrangements DIY steps

The most important tip is that you take an odd number of flowers. Before you start, immerse the cut flowers in lukewarm water for a few hours. Cut the stems diagonally to allow the juice of the flower to rise more easily. You can choose the technique according to your taste. You can check your floral arrangements in a classic step First, start with the green elements, if you fill with flowers first, then you have to fill the empty spaces with some greenery.

The flowers can talk through the color

floral arrangements and white

Make a floral arrangement in a monotone color with different flowers in shades of the same hue. Check flower arrangements only from white flowers in a glass vase. This combination looks delicate and clean. Hydrangeas and clematis in purple tones would be a surprise for the moment. Another idea: create a contrast! Arrange the base color in your hand (beautiful would be blue clianthus, blue veronica and aster for a purple / white combination). Then add some dark flowers between. Rose is the perfect color for every occasion! With a homemade flower arrangement of roses and Hartensia you will impress everyone. You can still check hydrangeas with lilies of the valley in floral arrangements. Just as good is the combination of wildflowers and sunflowers. Let your imagination speak!

Floral arrangements of flower types

Floral arrangements table decoration

Floral arrangements blue

Floral arrangements ideas

Floral arrangements deco

floral arrangements Decoration

floral arrangements-design

floral arrangements-diy

floral arrangements Full Color

floral arrangements-color design

floral arrangements-glass

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Flower arrangements-ideas

floral arrangements-rose

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flower arrangements steps

floral arrangements-steps

floral arrangements-yourself-make

floral arrangements-yourself-making flowers

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