Making enjoyable Easter bunnies: artistic adorning concepts for Easter
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Making enjoyable Easter bunnies: artistic adorning concepts for Easter

Like artfully colored eggs, the rabbits are an inseparable part of Easter and are not only suitable for tasteful decoration, but also for beautiful gifts for children and adults. In this article we show you how to make funny Easter bunnies yourself from different materials. Try our craft ideas – alone or together with your children, and organize an unforgettable Easter for your family!

Make funny Easter bunnies out of paper

funny easter bunnies make creative ideas for Easter

Crafting ideas funny Easter bunnies made of paper

Bunnies made of paper make decoration ideas Easter

funny Easter bunnies made of paper craft garland

original garland to the easter funny easter bunny

Easter bunnies made of paper

Toppings funny easter bunnies

original Easter Bunny made of paper creative craft ideas

Paper bunnies for Easter tinker picture tutorial

Rabbits make creative deco ideas for Easter

interesting garland of paper bunnies decorating Easter

Rabbits make original paper gift bags

Easter bunnies from Klorollen

funny easter bunnies from Klorollen original deco ideas Easter

Paper garland funny easter bunnies

Paper garland easter bunny decorating ideas for Easter

Make gift bags out of paper Make Easter bunnies

funny Easter bunnies made of paper make original gift idea

It’s fun to make funny Easter bunnies yourself, so you can create a happy atmosphere at home and keep you in a good mood. Of course, the simplest and fastest version is to make paper bunnies. And here are some great ideas that you can try at home. For example, with your children you can make a beautiful garland with paper Easter bunnies. For this purpose, you need nothing more than colorful paper in different colors, string and glue. You can either draw the rabbits or use a template to make them look the same. The garland can also be refreshed by other motifs – for example, flowers, Easter eggs, chicks. If you want to give beautifully colored easter eggs to your friends or colleagues, you can make a unique egg box packaging for each egg. Paint the rabbit’s eyes and mouth and glue long paper ears. You could additionally decorate the finished packaging by sticking a small loop on the rabbit’s ear.

Make table decoration and original greetings cards for Easter itself

funny easter bunny napkin rings

Easter bunny table decoration

make funny Easter bunnies place cards yourself

Greeting cards for Easter tinker bunny pattern

funny easter bunnies from egg carton

original greeting cards with funny easter bunnies

Easter bunnies make table decoration

Greeting cards for Easter tinker bunny pattern

Easter greeting card with bunny pattern

funny greeting card Easter bunny pattern

Funny Easter bunnies made of paper can still be tinkered as a table decoration – for example, if you have invited guests for a formal lunch or dinner, you can write their names on the cut paper bunnies and then put each card on the table. The handmade paper bunnies can also be stuck on greetings cards for Easter – you can, for example, together with your children make such cards for their classmates. In order to create an unforgettable decoration, it is most important to let your imagination run free – actually you can make cute Easter bunnies of all kinds of useless materials, even from rolls or wallpaper remnants. If you are not convinced yet, look at the photos in our gallery!

Funny easter bunny out of old socks

Make Easter bunnies out of old socks

Easter bunny made of old socks

Make Easter bunnies out of old socks

Funny Easter bunnies can be easily made from old socks. You can use this kind of rabbit as an Easter decoration or give it as they are perfect for children’s toys. To make such Easter bunnies yourself, you only need old socks, rice, rubber bands, felting material, wobbly eyes, and a bow. First fill the sock you have chosen with rice and tie two rubber bands around it to form a head with body (the first rubber band should be tied to the neck and the second – to the rabbit’s head). Then cut a piece of the felt fabric for the bunny’s belly and stick it on the body. The next step is to cut out three pieces of felt – two rectangular ones for the teeth and one triangular for the nose. Then glue the eyes, teeth and nose and tie the bunny a loop around the neck. Lastly, you should just cut the top of the sock in two to shape the ears.

Make rabbits from scraps of fabric

Gift bag Easter funny Easter bunnies made from fabric

make funny Easter bunnies from fabric scraps

Make Easter bunny out of felt yourself

DIY funny easter bunny

cute easter bunny made of felt crafting Easter

make funny Easter bunnies yourself

Gift bag fabric bunny pattern

Gift bag Easter bunny pattern

Easter Bunny made of felt cute creative decorating Easter

With useless scraps of fabric can also be based on beautiful rabbits. For this purpose you need additionally only cotton wool. First you should cut out the doubled fabric in the shape of a rabbit (best use a template). Then you sew together the edges of the two pieces of fabric by leaving only one opening open – to fill the rabbit with cotton wool. After filling the body, the ears and the head, this opening is also sewn up. Finally, it can be said that the crafting ideas for Easter bunnies are enormous. Therefore, try these that you like the most. We wish you an unforgettable Easter and a lot of fun while crafting!

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