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Making bunnies – efficient adorning concepts for Easter

If you want to create an unforgettable Easter for your family, you can do something special with your children – for example, making bunnies together. In this article, you’ll find spectacular DIY ideas and two detailed guides that can help. Have fun crafting!

Making rabbits out of old socks – creative ideas for Easter

from old socks Rabbits make creative ideas for Easter

Rabbits from old socks original crafting ideas Easter

Easter bunnies make creative DIY ideas themselves

The rabbits are an inseparable and important part of the decorations for Easter and can be crafted very easy. You can try out the simplest variant with old socks yourself at home. For this you need the following materials: a little old sock, rice, wobbly eyes, felt, bow, big felt ball and rubber bands. First you should fill the sock with rice and tie two rubber bands around it, so that a body with a head is created. Then glue a piece of the felt on the body – this will be the belly of the rabbit. The next step is the wobbly eyes, the big ball of felt at the back and the nose (a triangular piece of felt). Teeth can be made from two identical rectangular pieces of felt. Finally, tie the loop around the rabbit’s neck and cut the top of the sock into two to make ears.

Make pompom bunnies

Making pompom bunnies out of yarn

Rabbits make the pompoms with scissors

Rabbits make their head with the body tie

Bunnies of different yarn

Rabbits make ears out of felting material

Bunnies tinkering with ears on the head

Rabbits make ball of cotton as a tail

Rabbits make black pearls as eyes

Bunnies make their eyes stick to their heads

Rabbits make pink pearl as nose

Bunnies make nylon thread as whiskers

Pink pearl nose and nylon hair whiskers

Bunnies tinker nose stuck on the head

Pompom bunny original look

two pompom bunnies made of different yarn

Pompom bunnies

DIY ideas Bunnies made of yarn

You can also make soft “pompom” bunnies out of thick yarn. First, make two different pompoms out of the yarn – for the head and body. Shape the pompoms with the scissors and tie them together. Then cut out felt ears and glue them upside down. Next, stick a ball of cotton as a tail. The eyes of your bunny can be two black pearls. For the nose use a pink pearl. Pass some pieces of nylon thread through the peg and glue them – they will serve as whiskers of your bunny. Then attach this composition with glue on the rabbit’s head. They are already done!

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