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Making bookmarks: inventive DIY concepts and directions

Bookmark made of felt fabric

Do you like to work in your free time? In this post, we offer you an original DIY idea that will make reading more enjoyable, namely – making bookmarks! The bookmarks are not only useful – they are not only used to find the last page read quickly and easily, but also can fulfill a decorative function and the eye. Here you will find some creative crafting ideas that can be copied easily and only with little materials (because bookmarks are made mainly of paper and cardboard). The homemade bookmark are personal and unique, and are a wonderful gift for a variety of occasions. We hope you enjoy our ideas and wish you lots of fun crafting!

Make bookmarks out of fabric and paper

Bookmarks make creative ideas

Make bookmarks and paint dandruff patterns

Make Bookmarks Tinker Geometric Patterns

Make bookmarks out of fabric and paper

make original bookmark DIY

Bookmarks make simple DIY ideas

Bookmarks make ideas and inspirations

Bookmark craft fox original look

Bookmark tinker template fox

Bookmark tinker animals paper figures

If you enjoy spending your free time reading books, then making original bookmarks would definitely be fun! The simplest idea is actually to cut out the drawing paper in any shape and paint on it or to write an inspirational quote – so you get a classic bookmark with a personal flair. But there are also some more unusual ideas that you could try out, such as crafting beautiful felt bookmarks. To make these out of cloth, you do not actually need much sewing experience. And if you do not have any, you can also use glue. The felt figures made by you can be easily attached to paper clips and you’re done! A great idea in this regard would be to cut out small cards made of cardboard and to label them as desired. Then make small hearts of felt or other fabric and attach them to the card with a firm glue, along with a paperclip. This will give you a larger bookmark that would make it harder to lose. Also, bookmarks with paper clips will never slip. Another interesting idea is to beautify a classic, rectangular bookmark with washi tape and a pretty bow. And those who can fold origami would easily make an original bookmark – above, we show you how you can make a sympathetic Fox bookmark for the book corner. You could simply print the template and use it as a template when folding. In the same way bookmarks can be made in the form of any other animals, which are a perfect gift especially for children.

Making bookmarks – original ideas for copying

Making and decorating bookmarks Washi Tape

Bookmark made of felt

Bookmark tassels made of yarn

Bookmark tinker gorgeous tassel

Bookmark tinker tulip wire

Make bookmark wire bend wire

Bookmarks made of wire and beads

Make bookmarks Kalmmern loops

The most durable are the bookmarks made of metal, but they can also make the most difficult. For example, you could try to bend flower wire with pliers in an interesting shape – but to get a great result some exercises are required. Through the wire you could also lead some beads – so the bookmark would look like a little gem in the end! Another interesting suggestion is to make bookmarks with sympathetic tassels yourself. For this purpose you only need some yarn in one or two colors. For the tassel to get the right shape, it is best to wrap the yarn around a box and then tie it (as shown in the photos above). Already finished! It is also very quick and easy to make bookmarks from old spines by spicing them up with colorful ribbons. Beautiful “braided” bookmarks can also be made from colorful paper strips (look at the picture instructions above). First, you should glue the strips at a straight angle and then start braiding, as shown. Finally, the ends of the strips are fixed again with some glue, and you’re done! If you want a very simple, you can download a template from the net (there is a huge selection) and paint it yourself or with the children. We hope that you will realize the ideas that please you most!

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